Full Moon in Aries ~ Challenges to Moving Forward and What to Do


Dear all,
This Full Moon is going to be challenging. But before we go on, just a couple of quick notes:

The Full Moon in Aries on the 24th of September (Monday) has a strong influence of Saturn affecting it in a challenging way and blocking the natural expression of Aries energy.
So instead of giving us a push to move forward, run the track, be courageous and focus on winning, what we have with this aspect is an obstacle course filled with doubts and frustrations.
Throw the challenging influence of Mercury and Chiron to the mix and we have a truly interesting day!
This may express itself as an increased feeling of being stuck in the field of communication, learning, teaching, personal relationships, unresolved childhood issues as well as physical movement.
Some may experience this in a similar way as the Mercury retrograde period (and you know all about that, don’t you?)
But, as always — there is a way out if you know where to look!
There may be unexpected opportunities to make things work even within certain limitations, due to a supportive Uranus-Saturn connection. Some may feel that it is finally time to be free of limitations and if that is you — you would do well if you devise a step-by-step plan on how to do this, combining what has worked in the past with some new solutions.
Additionally, for those who have Mars in a supportive aspect in the current transit (and this depends on your natal chart), its harmonious connection to the Moon can bring about more passion and determination to find a way to reach those goals that bring emotional contentment.
Crystals to assist you with this are Snow (Milky Quartz) to soften the energy of Saturn, Blue Lace Agate to clear repressed emotional blocks, including fears of rejection and helps you be more relaxed when expressing your truth, and Ruby, to emphasize and bring to the surface the courageous energy of Aries.
Till next time,
Stay happy and healthy!
Brana Mijatovic, Ph.D.


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