Self-care Sisterhood: Folk Medicine Making for Women of Color

Ancestral Apothecary

The world and society, as they are today, can leave us exhausted, vulnerable, disconnected from our bodies, our lineage, each other, the Earth.  Our grandmothers lived closer to all the things that make us feel more human and more whole. In this class we will begin our journey into reclaiming herbalism and self-care by exploring the kitchen, and medicine making, as a site of revolution and nourishment.  We will gather around herbs and household tools, recall our healing back into our lives and our communities. We will learn how to use the plants available in our urban herbal pharmacy to make self-care rituals and ceremonies that strengthen our hearts, our bodies, honor the grandmothers and the Sacred Feminine within.  Trans women are welcome.

Dates:  4 Wednesdays evenings, July 25-August 15

Time:  7-9:30

Cost: $185 (includes materials fee)

Instructor:  Sirama Bajo

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Caring for patients facing life threatening illness

Ancestral Apothecary

This is a fundraising class for Cecemmana Student of Color Scholarship Fund

Each one of us is having a mortal experience on this planet. As herbalist, often our training and practices are focused on life, survival and health. How does our care change when we are working with a patient who is facing a life threatening diagnosis? What does healing look like when a person is at end of life? How do we care for ourselves differently as healers when working with death and dying. In this workshop we will explore these questions and more. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of the dying process, basic emotional and spiritual needs around dying as well as herbs to support patients and caregivers during this precious time in life.

Taught by Claire Chuck Boham

Dates:  August 4th

Time:  1 pm to 4 pm

Cost:  $40-$1000

This class is a fundraiser for…

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