Astrorisa Moon Forecaster: Power Date June 17, 2018 (from the Sag. Forecast)

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A Power Date: June 17, 2018
From the Sagittarius Full Moon Forecast May 29, 2018
On this power date of June 17th both  the moon and ASC will be in the sign of Leo, but the moon will reside in house 12.
The Moon is opposite Mars on this date. 

This is the aspect that ignites the Ego, there’s frustrations, and power struggles, here everyone in the room is the King or Queen and whatever is manifesting amongst the group, each person behaves as though, their reality is the most important reality at that moment. Therefore, this is a day one should be very humble. All important dates that are
mentioned during these moon forecasts are dates that are usually destiny changer dates. Be humble, as some issues from the past can be thrown up in our faces, or something unfinished from the past comes back and is likely upsetting for some. This is a time to connect with an earth centered person who is mature and can bring to the table a broader perspective, and offer some needed clarity about how to handle the situation. Avoid making a rash permanent decision, some more information is likely to come and a rash permanent decision without that information can be a huge setback.

For others, this date can bring a favorable outcome, an ongoing challenge can receive a supportive and amicable judgement or decision. Check the oracle to verify if this is the best date for you, if you must receive a judgment of some kind. June 17th  brings forward a helpful ear and unexpected favor for many.