Want to go Lucid before the next full moon? A new Lucid Ignition community is gathering

By Ryan Hurd

The moon is waning and maybe your own lucid dreaming practice is too.

I can help with that. Well, not so much with the moon, that’s a celestial body apparently beyond my powers of influence.

But if you are looking to go deeper into lucid dreaming, or if you have hit a wall trying to become more self-aware in your dreams, the answer is probably not a new miracle technique or sleep hack. Sorry/not sorry.

Successful lucid dreamers are those who learn how to leverage motivations into strong intentions, and then build what I call the “lucid sanctuary.” This is soulful mindset that doesn’t command the dream, but invites it forth.

Since 2015, I’ve been running seasonal online workshops that provide a supportive community so you can do just that: build your lucid sanctuary, learn how to put to use the most scientifically-validated techniques, and construct a strategy that not only invites lucid dreams but also impactful and transformative dreams.

It’s easy, it’s holistic, and most importantly, it really works. Once you learn this strategy, it grows with you, and you’ll be able to dip back in whenever you are ready for more.

Ignite your Lucidity

This spring, I’m running a three week online workshop with live workshops and a secure course room. This is the first time in over a year since running a workshop this long. We will have time to go deep in the forums, call our energies forth, and together create a supportive lucid community.

Again, this course is for advanced lucid dreamers who have hit a wall, as well as hopeful dreamers who have never had a lucid dream before. This course meets you where you are at.

The workshop is called Lucid Ignition: Spring 2018 edition.

Here’s the deal: class starts next week, on Tuesday May 8. And it ends by the next full moon, May 29. It’s the Flower Moon, by the way. So I’m looking for soulful lucid dreamers who are ready to go deep as we follow the moon to full bloom again.

You can learn more by clicking the video link below or by navigating to the Lucid Ignition page here on Dream Studies Academy.

Yours truly,

Ryan Hurd

Editor of Dream Studies Press and Founder of Dream Studies Academy

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