The Witchy Ways of Carnations

by Slavic Witch

The Witch & Walnut

a-witch-her-carnations1.pngCarnations get such a bad rap in so many ways! Its really too bad, because these often overlooked and unloved flowers pack a powerful witchcraft punch. They carry beautiful healing, comforting and absorption powers. They are such pretty little squished up flowers that have quite a pleasant smell to them as well. These flowers are so readily available all year around and cheap, it isn’t hard to keep up with fresh cut carnations in the home.

Lets get right into it!


I don’t attach color too much to my practice, but if you do you will want to use white carnations for this. Run a regular bath and place carnation heads in with the bath. At min 3 heads and up. Use each carnation until it falls apart, start from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet. Don’t forget the back of your neck…

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