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Virgo Full Moon Crystals: Manifesting Goodness in Your Life

By Krista Mitchell

virgo full moon crystals /

I recently read an article Oprah wrote for her “O” magazine in which she discussed her aversion to small talk, asking how someone could make small talk when “our world is burning”. I was struck by the power and direness of that statement.

If our world is burning, how do we, as lightworkers, respond? Healing each other one person at a time, raising our voices collectively in favor of consciousness, practicing tolerance, compassion and forgiveness, helping where we can, and owning our sh**.

We must face the darkness in the world, but we must also hold space for the light. We have to embrace our own inner shadows, but we must also claim and celebrate our radiance. How or what that looks like depends on you.

This upcoming full moon in Virgo (responsibility, practicality, dependability), with the planetary influences of Mercury (communication), Venus (love), Neptune (higher ideals), Saturn (reality and structure) and Jupiter (auspiciousness), we’re being presented with a powerful opportunity to hold and ground the light, and find beauty and heaven in everyone and everything around us.

Sounds a bit too “pie in the sky?” Are we in denial when we choose to read astrology instead of the newspaper, the sparkle over the dross, the ideals rather than pessimism, the beauty, the magic, the crystals, the Reiki class, the 3-foot stuffed unicorn? Is it all fanciful delusion in a world full of pain? Or is it hanging on like a bulldog to the things that keep a little light and joy in our lives? Refusing to give another inch to that darkness, and insisting that light and healing have a place in this world, too, in whichever way or form. I know what the skeptics would say, but it’s only what your heart says that matters.

From now until tomorrow night’s full moon (exact at 7:51pm ET), as the moon continues to grow in power, is a time of manifesting love, the realization of higher ideals, matched with the frequencies of structure, grounded-ness, and healing.

It’s a time to light a candle, say a prayer, do some crystal work, and affirm healing, love or light in whichever area of your life (or the world) needs it most, while BELIEVING that it can happen. Because this moon’s energy has the potential to deliver in full.


  • Love and connection
  • Higher love and ideals
  • Compassion
  • Healing, nurturing and nourishment
  • Sensitivity to cosmic and natural vibrations
  • Allow yourself to adjust to good things happening in your life, as opposed to just the bad
  • Relaxing, allowing and accepting positive change
  • Belief that goodness, magic and miracles can happen in life
  • Bringing little bits of Heaven to Earth
  • Recognizing good and beauty in the people and things around you (and inside you!)
  • Appreciation of beauty and purity
  • Bridging Spirit with Nature
  • Making dreams and ideals real
  • Transcendence


Hold and meditate with one of the following crystals while visualizing the good, love or healing you’re allowing into your life or holding space for the in the world.You can also wear this crystal up to the full moon exact (7:51pm ET) while taking action towards your intention:

Malachite: accelerated healing, leadership and nobility, acknowledging inner and outer beauty, power.


malachite /

Rhodonite: courage to give and receive love, the grounding of the heart’s love and ideals in the physical body and reality, purification (detoxification), love attraction.


rhodonite /

Watermelon Tourmaline: healing, bridging of higher divine love with human, physical love, heart chakra opening and healing, nurturing, compassion


watermelon tourmaline /

Sugilite: grounding the light, healing and love of heaven (Spirit) with that of the Earth (Nature), healing, soul-level self-love, magic


sugilite /

Angel Aura Quartz: faith, beauty, gentleness, understanding, compassion, angelic love and communication, expansion of your own radiance, transcendence from earthly fears and worries


angel aura wm.jpg

Star Sapphire or Star Ruby: star sapphire for the grounding, organization, and structuring of higher ideals to make them real and possible; star ruby for walking the spiritual path as a human being, claiming your greater potential and possibility


star sapphire /
star ruby /

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