Ozark Encyclopedia – M – Mistletoe

Mountain Man Traditional Healing

Mistletoe – Phoradendron leucarpum

Parts used: foliage, berries

Traditional uses: Poisonous. ‘Tea ooze’ used to bathe head for headache. Infusion used for high blood pressure. Compounds containing leaves and branches used for lung trouble.

Used for dizziness – “Mistletoe leaves are made into a remedy for dizziness and head noises.” ~Randolph OMF 114

Used in love medicines – “The leaves and stems of mistletoe are made into some kind of ‘love medicine,’ but the whole matter is very secret. I have on two occasions seen women boiling big kettles of mistletoe out of doors but was unable to get any details of the procedure.” ~Randolph OMF 167

For a woman to get pregnant – “Mistletoe is used somehow by women who wish to have children, and some say that it can be administered by the husband, without the wife’s knowledge or consent. If a woman cannot conceive, the power…

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