Ozark Encyclopedia – G – Greases

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Mountain Man Traditional Healing


Goose grease for earache – “Others prefer to pour sweet oil, or skunk oil, or goose grease strained through silk into their ears.” ~Randolph OMF 108

Goose grease rubbed on chest for cold – “Everybody had geese and when they killed geese, they saved the grease. You get a cold and they’d rub your breast with a flannel cloth with that goose grease.” ~Carter and Krause HRIO 3

Goose grease and pine resin for colds – “Goose grease boiled with pine rosin rubbed on the face is good for colds.” ~Parler FBA II 1801


Skunk oil for the croup – “Many Ozark youngsters are dosed with large quantities of skunk oil for throat ailments, particularly croup. This stuff is rendered from the fat of skunks trapped in the winter a strong stinking mess which makes many children vomit.” ~Randolph OMF 93

Skunk oil with peppermint for rheumatism

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