The Ugly Duckling



The Ugly Duckling is a beautiful story. Most people look at this story and think it’s about someone who just wants to fit in.  A story of someone who looks and acts different, so everyone makes fun of them.  That is the story for the masses, as you will see this is a story of enlightenment.

The original version of The Ugly Duckling was written by Hans Christian Andersen. He has stories where it is easy to see the moral like The Emperor’s New Clothes. Then he has other stories like this one where you need to be in on the secrets. Andersen was in on the secrets. He wrote “The Little Mermaid” which is full of occult history and symbolism(See Mermaid). I see him kinda like the Brothers Grimm. He wrote these stories to get some secrets out to ordinary folks like me and you. Writing all of these stories right under the nose of the establishment. If they were smart enough to have caught him they would not have burned him at the stake, but they would have found  a way to ruin him. Sometimes I wonder if it was because of him that the Wachowskis gave Neo the name Mr. Anderson. Calling him Mr. Grimm would have been a bit obvious.

Source: The Ugly Duckling

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