Happy Winter Solstice

Please check with your Doctor or Pharmacist that any herbal remedies have NO contraindications with your prescription medications.

I confess winter has become my favorite season.  Especially when it is as cold and snowy as this one has been.  I love the silence of a landscape blanketed in snow.  I love fires and hot tea and snow in my boots.  I have finally embraced the fact that winter is not my slow time and that hibernation isn’t really a possibility in this line of work.  I have decided to embrace the waxwings and the deer and keep moving like they do.  I play like the squirrels with my family and try to keep it as simple as possible, staying close to home.  As the year 2016 comes to an end it is time to reflect while gazing into a warm fire and to give thanks for all the good things and good people in my life.  I am truly blessed and feeling the abundance.

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