“Up in Arms” Against A.R.M.: What Can We Do?

Like a bad penny, this conman, Couto and his ilk once again crawl out of the ooze. The truth sent him packing before and our support of our Elders who are the experts in these matters will see the law and truth win out again.

Ócháni Lele

Family: every day I’m getting emails about the recent threats by Animal Recovery Mission to bring an end to our religion by attacking one of our most essential sacraments, animal offerings. False propaganda and misleading photographs are being used to manipulate emotions; and in the process, the organization is generating obscene amounts of cash and support from their dishonest rhetoric. Their leader, Richard Couto, is a master of manipulation and marketing. With this attack against our rights gearing up, aleyos, aborishas, and olorishas are asking me, “What can we do?”

First, I need everyone to realize that in this war, I’m not a leader. I’m a follower. I have chosen to follow the lead of Oba Ernesto Pichardo, who is THE expert on defending our religious rights. He has fought wars like this before, winning against people greater than Richard Couto. I need everyone writing me to follow him on…

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