Cosmic Egg and the Cult of the Bird Women

I love reading the mythos from around the world.

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cosmic egg

There are four very ancient symbols that are in almost every culture: The Bird(representing our feminine side, the Soul); The Serpent (representing the healing of our Soul, Healing); The Deer or Stag (the path of healing the personal soul through Sacrifice) and The Spider (the weaving of our feminine life, Fate and Destiny). The Cult of the Bird Women and the birth and rebirth of it’s own symbol, the egg, evolved into the symbolic meaning of life which was born from the earliest stages of development of human clans and tribes. When woman ruled the skies, as leader, chief and healer, creating the sacred circle of life through the healing strength of the circle of women.

Bird images and the birth of its manifestations, the egg was prevalent in pagan and pre-pagan cultures of Eastern Europe, as well as all cultures which have had ancient bird…

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