Osprey Totem – Water and Wind

We shared the river with a pair of osprey and their going last summer. Beautiful birds not afraid to take on the bald eagles that shared the river.

Elder Mountain Dreaming @ gmail

Osprey, Green Lake 6-3-2013-9876

On the day of the 1st new moon of Spring, I was riding my bike to the beach in Southern California and I stopped to watch a huge Osprey hunt for fish in the canal, not very far from the ocean. As I watched, the Osprey then flew above me and flapped its wings for long while. A month later, on the day of the 2nd new moon of Spring, I was back home in Ashland and walking in the field, and again an Osprey Hawk flew around the field and stopped to flapped its wings above me. Over the years, Osprey would come to visit. but it has been over ten years and now two months in a row. I had a few experiences after the first moon of spring when Osprey had come and now I patiently waiting to see what arrives in this moon cycle.


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