Reading of the Week November 28, 2011


You feel if you continue as you have been without relief that you will explode. You desire change so badly you may find that it manifests and you get what you want, but not without consequences. The stress of the situation may cause a chronic health condition to reoccur. You’re going to have to work to maintain emotional balance and not let your temper get the best of you.

There will be a financial success on a project, but not the windfall you anticipated. A time of change, transformation, chaos and new beginnings. Confront you fears head-on, and always ask for clarification if even the slightest question arises in a matter.

Moderation, patience, and diplomacy; learning to balance your passion and reason. Learning the art of bridging the spiritual and mundane worlds. Rigidity can stifle imagination.

Queen of Swords

Loss, isolation, delay of plans causes physical and mental upheaval. You need to maintain an island of calm in the confusion, depend on yourself to steer clear of disappoint when others don’t do as they promise. Learn to occasionally relinquish logic for intuition, continue to do the right thing until what you need to know is revealed.

Seven of Cups

Don’t let conditions, appearances, or what others have to say sway you or cause you to veer from your ideals. What you want is waiting for you. Attend to details be sure to get things in writing to avoid confusion. When you reach a point where you don’t feel capable of succeeding, someone or something will appear that will help you on your way. Temper fantasy with practicality and effort if you want hopes and dreams to become reality.

Maternal Grandfather Paul Uber


King of Cups

The focus is on activities centering around the home or business you can do from home. You may find yourself in a situation to promote yourself or business, but there may be unexpected obstacles. You want to make it with your own business or work from home. There will be a new direction that will facilitate that wish.

You may be looking for a way out of your present relationship because you feel you’re being mistreated.

Don’t overindulge in food or drink as a crutch.

Before agreeing to anything having to do with your business be sure all negotiations, financial agreements and transactions are thoroughly completed to avoid misunderstandings. Success will come by maintaining your personal integrity.

Do not let the isolation of your work insulate or alienate you from the world.

Queen of Cups

You will feel scattered as opposition; discord and disputes will arise at home or work. You may be forced to change or postpone plans. Keep your attitude in check to keep from escalating emotional situations. People may not ‘get’ you, but there will be someone who will utilize your talents. Now is the time to work on your intuition and truly listening to your ‘inner voice.’

Nine of Cups

Don’t resign yourself to ‘that’s the way it is and it will never change’. Don’t make premature evaluations. Changes in plans may be caused when something better comes along. Problems with contracts so make sure everything is in order before signing.

Sometimes you feel like a lost soul, fighting a lost cause, but you will have success in attaining what you want but it may take a different form than what you envisioned.

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