Reading of the Week for December 05, 2011


You feel hurt and slighted because a partner in work or love is ignoring you, not being honest with you or not honoring their commitments. There will be a delicate situation where you need to collect monies owed you. Information regarding finances will cause a chain reaction. Things on all levels seem to be transforming into something else and you’ll find yourself moving in a different direction…for the better.

Unforeseen or unexpected events are going to occur causing a variety of changes with a positive end in sight. Work on yourself. Let your demons out so they may be confronted. If you need validation or verification—ASK!

Queen of Cups

You want your work to mean something and you want to enlist someone to help you. Home or work could be very chaotic. Travel plans may be disrupted so you may want to reassess the reason for the plans. You tend to scatter yourself, but being around others helps ground you. Your focus will be on finding the answers and the guidance you need. Someone you counted on will disappoint you. A time to reflect on your spiritual side.

Seven of Shields

A situation or delay in progress will cause a reevaluation. A means of turning a negative situation positive will inadvertently be provided. Be mindful of relating your ideas to others. You’ll be disappointed that your plans are not progressing at the speed you want. You have what it takes you just need a hand up. Hang on, baby, help’s coming. Do not spread yourself too thin by jumping from idea to idea when things don’t move as fast as you think they should. Keep something back for later.


Grandma & Grandpap with My Father, Uncles & Aunt


 The Star

The focus is on faith, future, and what can be. You want to find or regain your sense of meaning, inspiration or purpose. People will offer insights on what you need to know. Paperwork that will connect the past and present will flesh out details. There is an emotional link or spiritual tie to someone that even if you wanted to walk away…you cannot. Follow what you know to be true for yourself and rewards will follow.

Four of Cups

You will put an end to things that serve no purpose or go nowhere. No matter what things look like now, there are still ways to succeed. Take care of yourself first. Some of your goals will be accomplished, but you will still be ‘wanting’ emotionally.

Page of Shields

You will be disappointed in the results you’d hope to see in an endeavor, but don’t abandon the project. The clearing of a snag could get it back on track. Physical problems could be brought on by your inability to say what you need to say or hear what’s being said to you. Be willing to listen to or act on new ideas. You won’t want something that isn’t ‘right’ no matter how much you want it, but you won’t give up until you have it the ‘right’ way.


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