Reading for the Week of November 20, 2011

Knight of Cups

Situations are coming in or going out. Sudden change in long-term conditions or situations.

Movement, moving, leaving home, entering new worlds. Changing environments will ease existing tensions and loneliness.

Pay attention. Lack of focus could lead to accidents. Frustration from unfulfilled desires; but an opportunity could present itself that will see you branching out into new and untried areas.

Short trips for pleasure will help ease stress and tension allowing you to tap into yet unused resources. Go out into the world for there is something or someone with a message waiting for you.

Ace of Swords

Keywords with this card this week is tension, frustration, pressure in all corners of your life. Don’t blow yourself up. Work to keep your cool.

A period of communications related pressure and anxiety that could lead to explosive situations. Tensions from family could intensify your own stress levels.

You want satisfaction in your chosen career, and someone will express an interest in your work and maybe move that interest into your personal space.

Strong emotions come to the forefront in business and personal relationships. Frustration and tension all around you, but don’t let it get to you, it will ease shortly.

Despite the odds you are going to get what you need. You’re on course. Don’t be diverted by fripperies. This period of tension will soon ease and you will find yourself back in balance with a new sense of clarity.

Page of Spears

Major moves and changes, clearing up loose ends and finishing projects in order for your move to be clean and uncluttered, leaving you feeling exhausted and overworked. You need to be prepared for the unexpected for it could add to your load. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking you’re not doing enough, you will only exhaust  yourself further and turn your anxiety into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Be careful of your health. Wrapping up your old life and preparing for your new can overwhelm you physically and mentally. Do your due diligence. Do not rush blindly ahead with proper preparation, and don’t accept mediocrity. In the matters of the heart—stop trying to resurrect the dead.

Violet (nee Fazenbaker) & Paul Uber


Problems, problems, problems. Everywhere you look this week there seems to be problems that require your attention whether it be at home or work, financial or spiritual.

Take time to step out of the realm of your ‘real world’ for short periods of time to recharge your spiritual self.

People may come to you with things that look like a quick fix to your problems—do your homework! The ancestors pulled out the clichés for this one. The devil is in the details. Act in haste, repent in leisure. Listen to the voice in your head. If your intuition tells you it’s wrong—it probably is.

Accept help from others. You will be coming to a place where the experience and knowledge of someone else will be needed to keep the ball rolling.

Plan the work and work the plan to accomplish your goals.

Greetings H20 Family, 

Spiritual Guide Cards Of The Week: 

Gabrielle: You have an important life purpose involving communication, and the arts. Please don’t allow insecurities to hold you back.

Opal: Your children here on earth, and the ones that have passed to the next level of life are cared for, and being watched over.

Isabella: Yes! The timing is right for this new venture. A happy outcome follows your POSITIVE expectations

Message From My Ancestors:

There’s a situation where you feel like you’re left out or being kept in the dark; things going over one’s head.

One should confront reality when it comes to your job and how you are being treated, and your sense of happiness.  A boss or superior figure in your life is very bossy; superiority complex. Because of these ways of thinking you and others are being taken for granted, treated like slave labor, and are VERY unappreciated. You really need to examine this, and not keep silent. This is stifling your growth, and this adds to your feelings of frustration. You know that there is more to life, but you have chosen to ignore it.

KNOW THIS:  You see things others don’t, thus your intuition is very keen. Use that knowledge and listen to your heart in reference to the action that needs to be taken on the job front. Remember: because this individual is full of themselves they have a certain perception about the “slave labor” so when dealing with the situation flip the energy of the situation, and flip the energy that they are giving you; challenge the stereotype of the way you are perceived. Do not give up when trying to communicate your point of view to the parties involved. The other side of the coin in this situation is this, This is not an issue that is new on the job front. Ask yourself, Is this job my life’s purpose?

Self: You have been stubborn in the past about changing certain aspects of self. You want to have positive changes in your life, but how can you do that fully if you don’t change the way you perceive? Release the fear, panic, and stop playing it safe when it comes to change, there is no short cut, and or fast track; JUST DO IT! If you dig deep into yourself you will see that you do have the courage to overcome negative emotions such as anger, and depression, or particular situations that seem to keep you captive.  The question remains: is the situation keeping you captive, OR are you responsible for keeping yourself captive? One needs to accept the things we can’t change, and change the things we can, and recognize the difference. Put your negative behavior to positive use, and remember to give yourself unconditional love, and nurturing in this process; be patient with self. You will see that these changes will bring many gifts to your life. The goal is to be a more nurturing, affectionate, and nature -loving with self, and others. It’s best to work on these things now rather than later because the universe has a funny way of forcing people to change their negative behaviors, so act now while it’s voluntary to change rather than by force.

You’re not stopping to smell the roses; not appreciating life, and some are unconsciously expecting plans to backfire; unwittingly sabotaging oneself. Recognize that the limitations that you are putting forth are of your own making.

Something/someone from the past will be rearing its head this week because there are issues that have not been fully resolved, and or closed completely. If this is a person be careful because they have ulterior motives, and are being falsely sweet. This is not new, and this is why it’s returning to your attention because you haven’t detached yourself, cutting the umbilical cut, gained independence from this individual/situation. Maybe it’s been hard to release because of your memories, and being held hostage to the past, but remember some of those memories ended in ruin, and disappointment. One needs to forgive others, and to let go of a grudge, and release, thus eliminating baggage no longer needed. Stop holding on to baggage that is no longer needed………

Other Things To Ponder: Being pulled in two directions; being caught in a triangular relationship; equating love to quality time.

Regretting something said- as in the expression “Open Mouth, insert foot”- or unsaid (Keep the Heat down with your mouth :>)

Mean-spiritedness, negative comments designed to lower someone’s stature; gossip

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