Reading For The Week of November 14, 2011

Seven of Shields

You see all your projects and ideas stretching out before you, but are anxious and stressed over what seems to be a lack of progress. Be mindful of the information you give to others or you may wake to find your ideas in someone else’s hands.

Something that seemed undoable will again seem possible when another’s offhanded remarks strike a chord in you.

Remember, ‘the only way to eat a bear is one bite at a time’.

Be careful not to overload your already full plate of projects as stress from unfinished business could affect your health and well-being.

Keywords during this time: Patience, restraint and perseverance.

Page of Swords

Unexpected developments and occurrences in personal relationships.  You may be put in what seems to be an untenable situation, but you make it work, easing the pressure of the situation. Previous obstructions will begin to break down giving you a chance for a fresh start…a token of better things to come.

Information will become available that will keep you hanging on the knot at the end of your rope. The ‘real’ truth of an uncomfortable situation will be revealed causing a most satisfactory outcome. 

The Fool

You want to begin something new hoping a change of scenery will bring about a miracle  that will solve your present circumstances. Don’t run off on wild goose chases. A project that has been completed could dovetail into something along the same lines, but better.

Do not become a rider on the emotional rollercoaster. You have to consciously work to maintain a cool head in emotionally charged situations.

The end result rests on your head and in your hands.

Paternal Great Great


Listen to your intuition (spirit guides, egun, i.e. ancestors) and let them steer your course. In time you will understand why you had to go through all those trials and tribulations.

Don’t let fear and impatience blind and deafen you. All will be revealed when it is time, but in the meantime don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Don’t blame yourself for the fault of others as their ethics are not yours. Problems caused by others can be overcome leaving you with greater skills and abilities.

Problems will be resolved one by one as this cycle comes to an end and another is about to begin. Take care of today and let tomorrow take care of itself.

Greetings H20 Family,

Spiritual Guide Cards Of The Week 

Crystal: Have faith and hope because there is something positive, and new on the horizon that you can’t see yet

Astara: You deserve the best! Reach for the stars with your dreams and desires, and don’t compromise

Rosetta: You have a gift working with young people, and your divine purpose involves helping, teaching, or parenting children.

Message From My Ancestors

Something from the past has returned into your life as apart of a pattern, this is because you have mistakenly thought that the door was closed on a past event. Are you, or someone from your past seeking forgiveness? Remember we can’t forgive others unless we forgive ourselves first, and do it in an authentic way. You can’t forgive and rehash old feelings you have to forgive fully. That doesn’t mean that you forget…You use the information provided to you by the situation as a tool for growth.

Are you a good caretaker of yourself or are you the caretaker of others more than you should? Sometimes when we are the caretakers of others to an extreme, individuals begin to depend on you for survival. This also apply’s in the reverse. Support is good, BUT sometimes one has to back away so individuals can learn from the road that their on.

Other Things To Ponder

Depression, possibly requiring therapy, Feeling trapped options seeming unclear. Issues that stem from childhood; subconscious childhood beliefs impacting life choices. Needing to review one’s map of belief’s. Potential for spiritual birth, great awakening. Possessing great faith having No fear!Confidence, nerve, and courage.


Massive devastation; a destructive force affecting many


Finding the wrong partner-not your prince charming, this can be in reference to someone that you have just met, and or a realization that one could have when you have already partnered with another for a period of time. Pay attention to your internal tracking system in reference to this situation.



Putting the competition at ease; being well liked

Reaping rewards for past good deeds

An ally, a champion (on your behalf)

Networking; connections

Underserving of a reputation; being misunderstood


Seek more adventure, If you desire more spice to your life, GO FOR IT USING DISCERNMENT!

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