Energy Healing and Healer Guidelines

Everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs about this topic, so in this as with all things having to do with your physical and energetic health, do you own due diligence.

Elder Mountain Dreaming

Having been an Energy Healer since 1998, I have a lot of experience being both a healer and having gotten many energy healers by different types of energy healers. I want to share the different types of energy that works well with each body and also the rules and guidelines to find a good healer who practices what they preach. There are many energy healing practices out there with many different names and knowing which energy ones goes with the mental and emotional is key to successful healing that is both powerful and has greater success in releases. For example if you use a Pranic (a mental energy body) type of energy healing (which are called many different names today) on the emotional body, it will take ten times longer for this energy which is for the mental body, to do any good on the emotional body.

I have divided…

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Messages From Mother

Mountain Home MareWednesday, November 20, at 8pm eastern, Author Mare Cromwell will join Miss Paula on Our Mountain Home.

Mare Cromwell is an award-winning author and speaker, plant intuitive, sacred gardener, and healer. She has studied for seventeen years with Native American medicine people and sits on the World Council for Wisdom Gatherings.

Her books are: Messages from Mother…Earth Mother and If I Gave You God’s Phone Number…Searching for Spirituality In America.

Mare currently calls Western Maryland home.

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Mare Cromwell

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Summer Solstice And Supermoon Egun And Then Some…

Egun RunMonroe RKDCL Media in celebration of the Summer Solstice and the last Supermoon of 2013 by presenting Egun And Then Some….Diviners’ Spotlight.

Diviners’ Spotlight allows the talented diviners in the KDCL Media Circle to strut their stuff for our listeners. We have so many talented people in our Circle that we have to sit on our hands to keep from waving to get y’all’s attention.

Sunday’s primary diviner is:

Monroe Rodriguez. Monroe is a multifaceted psychic, medium, spiritualist, healer and diviner. Building upon family psychic gifts, he studied magick, herbalism, comparative religion and various divination systems. Although an initiate of a Congo-derived tradition, Monroe’s spiritual practices stem from Celtic, West African, Arab, Indigenous, Caribbean, and Brazilian ancestral roots. With his spiritual affinity to spirits of the crossroads, Monroe believes that are many solutions to a problem however, efficiency is key to any work.

Sitting in the our second seat Sunday will be KDCL Media host, Miss Paula, a medium using Tarot and Oracle cards as she passes on messages from Spirit.

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