Spirits, Spirits, Everywhere

The Druid's Well

And not a drop to drink? No, sorry, wrong poem.

Sometimes it can be a bit hard for folks to wrap their heads around how a person can have a devotional practice without having a patron, per se, or at least being henotheistic or monist for that matter.

I’m one of those rare, blessed writers in the blog-o-sphere who gets passed around from unseen critter to unseen critter–usually within the same couple of cultures mind you, but I definitely am poly when it comes to my spirits. It’s sad when accusations of “spirit collecting” or “Poké-god” get tossed around. I don’t doubt that there are some people who are always moving onto the next best Being, but that’s not what I see from the majority of my cohort.

The reality (or my operating reality at any rate) is that we are surround by multitudes of spirits.  Here are a few…

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Spirit Evocation

How to Communicate with Spirits in 5 Steps

Don’t forget the Spirits that are your Ancestors. Always have personal protections in place for those Spirits such as Abiku and others that are not the best and brightest …

Black, White and Red Eyed Children, Adults & Elders

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Its now time for me to share my experience over the years for the general public, to help one understand the whole black eyed and red eyed reality of our soul and how it works. As the veils slowly drops, more and more, a few more are going to start seeing eyes shift to black, and its wise to keep things in perspective for the future. Not everyone will see because its a gift to see and it comes from the empathic emotional soul body.

Its said: “The Eyes are the windows to the Soul” and this is extremely correct in the relations between the life of our physical (body & life) and our non-physical reality of our soul and emotional body’s energetic reality of shadow. And the life of our waking dream and night dreaming of our soul. These are all the multiple realities of a human and an animist.

Source: Black, White and Red Eyed Children, Adults & Elders