Thor’s Hammer

Soul Dreamers

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain Dreaming – Thor’s Hammer is called Mjolnir (pronounced ‘miol-neer’) and is perhaps one of the best known Norse mythology symbols. In astrology the symbolism also matches the Nordic meanings, but has more to do with where we struggle and where fate does not change that struggle, even if you overcome its challenges.

I had found the asteroid Charis (asteroid #627), which is the name of the Greek Goddess surrounded by delight, graces and pleasures; Aglaia, Euphrosyne and Thalia who were the three Charities of charm and grace. In a natal chart, Charis by house and sign indicates where and how you can experience and enjoy good luck, joy and delight. If afflicted by inharmonious aspects, then she shows the opposite.

Of course, mine is the opposite and afflicted, and she is part of my Thor’s Hammer. She is conjunct my Mars/Saturn by 1 degree…

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Plastic Waste into Resources: Exploring Ecobricks as Sustainable Building Tools

The Druid's Garden

As I described in last week’s post, at least here in the US, we have serious challenges befalling us with plastic recycling along with a host of waste plastics that can never be recycled. A recycling infrastructure built almost exclusively on exporting masses of “dirty” recycling to China now has the recycling system here in the US is in shambles when China stopped taking recycling. Further, so many plastics simply can’t be recycled, meaning that even well meaning folks who recycle everything they can still end up throwing away enormous amounts of single-use plastics, packaging, film, and other waste. In permaculture design terms, it is time to turn some of this waste into a resource!  So in today’s post, I’d like to explore the concept of making ecobricks as a way to sink large amounts of un-recyclable waste into a productive resource and share some designs and…

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