Clearing and protecting your energetic space at home from shadows.

Soul Dreamers

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain –This is how I clear my space and spaces for those who hired me as an exorcisms (just the first steps). I wanted to share because I feel the general public needs access to my work when it comes to protecting one’s self from shadow. Healing the self and all our personal issues worked on is the number one best protection, but things like this assist us to clear negative and demonic energy.

Never mess with real demons, call a shaman who is experienced and sober of any plant hallucinogens. Always keep shadow people with negative behaviors at bay and by healing and doing protection of your personal energetic space including letting go or putting strict boundaries of addicts of any kind including pot.

Also keep those who disrespect your boundaries at bay. Don’t hug everyone, especially those you do not know really well…

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June Flower, The Rose.

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Chloris, the Greek Goddess of flowers, crowned the rose queen of all flowers, a title that the rose deserves today as much as it did in the Golden Age of Greece. Not only is the rose of unparalleled beauty, but it has also proved itself to be useful in a hundred different ways. It has been prized for its medicinal value, cherished for its sweet scent, and appreciated for its delicate flavor.

chloris greek goddess

The legend of the origin of the rose is from the days of the Roman Empire. The story is told of Rhodanthe, a woman of such exquisite beauty that she had many, many suitors. She showed little interest in any of them and sought refuge in the “Temple of Diana.” Her suitors were persistent, however, and followed her there, breaking down the gates to get close to her. Diana became incensed at this and turned Rhodanthe into a…

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