Dandelion Lotion Bars

Hedgerow Diary

I have used a recipe from The Nerdy Farm Wife and adapted slightly to suit me.

Dandelion lotion bars, are good for very dry, chapped skin, and can be used on hands, knees, elbows or anywhere that needs some serious love.

This is the perfect time of year to make Dandelion infused oil. Our gardens and countryside are full of them, but when collecting please do leave some for the bees. For every 1 dandelion you pick, leave 2 or 3 behind.

Making the infused Oil;

With proper storage this oil will be good for 9-12 months. Gather flowers from places that haven’t been sprayed with chemicals or used as a bathroom site for your pets. Dandelions often have bugs or ants on them, so let the container sit outside for a few hours before bringing in.

Dandelions have a high water content, so let them dry out for 2-3…

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