Crystals for Dealing with Negative People

by Ashley Leavy
Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy

When you’re feeling like there’s some negative energy in your space or you’re surrounded by negative people, your instinct may be to immediately reach for your protective crystals, but this may not be the best remedy.

Energy is just energy. We classify it as “positive” or “negative” but in actuality, there is just energy. There is energy that serves our highest good (positive) and energy that doesn’t (negative).

So how do you deal with “negative” energy in a space? The first step to take is to clear the space of any energy that’s not serving your highest good.  When dealing with a person who leaves you feeling stressed out or drained, protective crystals can help shield you from absorbing the chaotic energy they imprint upon a space. However, using those crystals is only half of the solution.  You need to remedy the root cause of the situation by clearing that energy from your space.

Here are some of my favorite crystals for keeping your space free from negativity:


Selenite is most effective if you know ahead of time that you’ll be encountering some negative vibes. You can place a Selenite crystal in the space to keep it cleansed and flowing. This will help to remove the energy that’s not for your highest good.  Basically, Selenite helps to clear out psychic debris before it works its way into your energy field.

Pink Halite:

Pink Halite is a very cleansing stone. It also helps instill compassion and gets you centered in your heart space.  So, if you have someone who is very draining or who often seems crabby or cranky, this crystal may help. It allows you to be empathetic, listen without being drawn into their situation, and hold space for them to move past the issue.  You may find that by showing empathy and compassion, the energy in the space will shift. You’ll notice this shift both in the space and in the negative person. After all, as humans, we need this feeling of compassion and understanding.

For many people, making negative comments, complaining about their situation, or dragging others down into a lower vibe space isn’t done maliciously.  Instead, it’s the only way these people know how to reach out for help and understanding. So by being a good listener, and having empathy for them as a person who is hurting, you help them to release the “negative” energy they’re holding onto. Pink Halite helps you do this while keeping your energy field clear. It will and keep you on the outside of the situation so you don’t get drawn in.

Rutilated Smoky Quartz:

During my time as a professional healer and running my new age shop for more than a decade, I heard from people time and time again how they were certain they had an entity attachment of some kind that was causing their negative attitude or behavior. Yes, I am open minded about the fact that this is possible. However, I do not think it happens nearly as much as people think it does. In fact, I found that many times an entity was blamed for mean or negative behavior, it was simply a case where the person didn’t want to take responsibility for their own actions. This may seem harsh, but the point here is:

If you have a chronically “negative” person who always seems to be convinced that there are forces at work making them act a certain way, chances are much more likely that it is their own bad attitude that is responsible.

Rutilated Smoky Quartz is excellent for counteracting this energy. The Smoky Quartz disintegrates and grounds negativity from the person’s energy field. In addition to this, the Rutile crystals help break up any stuck or stagnant energy that the person is holding onto. These are usually emotional blocks that have never been cleared.

If you’d like to guard against the effects of this energy, you can place a Rutilated Smoky Quartz crystal near the entry to your space to sweep their field upon entering. However, if working with this person in a healing session, you can point the termination of the crystal toward the area of the energy blockage and make small, counterclockwise circles to release the stagnant energy.  Alternatively, you can “comb” or “sweep” the person’s aura. Do this by holding the stone horizontally and moving it from the person’s head toward their feet. At the same time, intend to dissolve and sweep away any energy that’s not for the person’s highest good.

4 thoughts on “Crystals for Dealing with Negative People

  1. Thank you for this. This New moon has me recognizing my own negativity and also what I’m holding onto from others. Being a hyper sensitive person means not only do I need to protect myself from others, but also be able to clear what has already been taken on from my environment. I really appreciate your being so descriptive about the nuances of each stone 🙂

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