Taurus New Moon Crystals ~ What Would You Build in Your Dream House?

By Krista Mitchell

Taurus New Moon Tuesday May 15th at 7:48am ET

Have you ever had that dream where you’re in a house that’s yours, but it’s much bigger than the one in your waking life? It has more floors and extra rooms, and each room is a pleasant discovery.

In dream analysis, the house is considered to be symbolic of your own self, of parts of you that are yet to be discovered, developed, expanded. Hidden aspects of your own psyche.

When I wake up I try to cling to the memory of that house, but its blueprint slowly fades as the reality of my waking life, waking self, and waking home sets in.

But what if that dream house could become a reality for you? What inner part of you could you pleasantly explore? What renovations or extensions could you build into your life?

And if we’re being literal, what would your dream house look like? What would be in it?

And do you believe achieving it is possible?

This Taurus new moon, happening Tuesday May 15th at 7:48am ET, is considered a positive one because it’s ushering in a chance for us to build our homes based on a foundation that’s been set by our true, authentic, soul-level values and desires.

In other words, based in love, not fear.

The energy of love, abundance, generosity of spirit, faith and fresh starts abounds with this new moon phase. We’re encouraged to believe that if we lay our foundations, intentions, or plant our seeds with good will, and embody all of this positive energy, we can begin the process of manifesting our dreams.

Choose from love, share love, and be love, and trust that you will be provided-for. Only good things can come from the true essence of love!


Taurus: abundance, grounding, earth element, growth, simplicity, beauty
Venus: love, beauty, accumulation, property, art, opportunity
Pluto: intensity, transformation
Mars: action, disruption
Uranus: sudden change, breakthroughs
Jupiter: generosity, wealth, success
Neptune: community, higher ideals


  • new foundations
  • building that which is truly in alignment with our souls
  • making necessary changes
  • spring cleaning your life
  • making choices based in love
  • creating from love
  • true abundance
  • generosity of spirit
  • following and trusting in your heart’s guidance
  • charity
  • giving
  • generosity
  • grounding
  • being of service
  • fresh starts
  • making progress
  • healing relationships
  • opportunities for love or money


Wear one or more of the following crystals during this phase to help embody more of its positive energy, and to support you in achieving positive outcomes:


tiger eye / krista-mitchell.com
  • Grounding
  • Balance
  • Prosperity
  • Instinct
  • Equanimity


rose quartz / krista-mitchell.com
  • Love
  • Generosity
  • Trust
  • Compassion


green garnet / krista-mitchell.com
  • Abundance
  • Prosperity consciousness
  • Expansiveness
  • Generosity


amazonite / krista-mitchell.com
  • Authenticity
  • Truthfulness
  • Inner listening
  • Self-awareness


garnet / krista-mitchell.com
  • Wealth
  • Passion
  • Grounding
  • Relationship healing
  • Personal power

Astrology sources:
The Moon Woman
Astrology King
Taurus ink symbol from Zodiac Sign Astrology

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