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Sugilite works very well at the crown chakra, which acts as a channel for the entrance of universal energies into the body and mind and defines, sustains, and energizes the whole chakra system. Sugilite helps the crown to integrate this influx of spiritual energy into daily living. It can be useful for those who are very sensitive, or who find it difficult to feel at ease with modern life.

Synonyms: Luvulite.Royal Lavulite. Royal Azel.

Energy: integrated, balanced, alienated

Colors: purple, sometimes with darker veins

Uses: Sugilite is employed in dreaming, divine communication, channeling, out of body experience, multidimensional awareness and travel. Enhances psychic abilities and helps to charge the energy body.

Birthstone: Virgo
Planet: Mercury
Element: Earth
Chakra: Crown

Rough Sugilite


Carry or wear sugilite to promote confidence and courage
Place Sugilite by your bed to ease worries and enhance mental rest
Give Sugilite as a sign of forgiveness

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