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Originally Posted August 14, 2016


The Leprechaun was a little tough to pinpoint. First I thought that, like so many other myths, it had to do with the mind. As you will see, the Leprechaun has more with preserving history of this character than anything else. I started with the myths and legends in Ireland. First thing I come across is the leprechaun has something to do with the Faery people of the Tuatha De Danann. If you have read my previous work, you know this is right in my wheelhouse. I won’t go into depth here about the Tuatha De Danann, but if you don’t know much about these matriarchal people from ancient Ireland, your are definitely missing out on great history.

Come to find out leprechaun comes from the Sun God Lugh. I found out that it is pronounced luck. This doesn’t surprise me because London, Loudan, Lyons and other cities are named after Lugh. Leprechaun actually comes from Luchchromain meaning little Lugh or little Luck. Now you know where the luck of the Irish comes from. The original leprechaun were not green like they are today. In the past they always had a red outfit. Why would leprechauns be in red? Why were they changed to green? Why rainbows? Why gold? Just like so many things, we have to look to Egypt for the answer. If you have followed my earlier work, you know that Gaythelos was a Pharaoh of Egypt. He married a daughter of Akhenaton named Scota. Together they came to Ireland and Scotland and this is how we got the names Scotland and Ireland.  The term gaelic comes from Gaythelos.

Looking to Egypt, I found a dwarf bearded god named Bes. Bes was associated with sexuality, humor, music and dancing. Although he was the protector of Pharaohs, he was very popular with the Egyptian people because he protected women and children. I’m not saying that Bes is Lugh. I know better. Gaythelos conquered the Tuatha De Danann. The conquered pagans needed to keep the spirit of the people of Ireland intact and they made the Tuatha De Danann into Faery people. This way the history would be remembered. St. Patrick and the Christians made the Faery people evil. Then Disney made them what they are today. Lugh was incorporated with Bes by  scribes who were ardent to Gaythelos and his group.  I have shown before that the scribes love to outwit each other.  These scribes were preserving the the Egyptian connection of Ireland and Scotland.   Gaythelos was very close to Akhenaton and Bes was found all over the city that Akhenaton built. I have seen where some researchers have said that Bes comes from Ethiopia or Nubia. Again this shows just how well are history has been hidden from us or lost. As I have shown before, the scribes have purposely made Upper Egypt to be Ethiopia. (See Patriarch Pharaohs) Bes originated in Upper Egypt. Because he was a sun-god, Akhenaton used him. Aton is the sun god Akhenaton worshipped. If it had to do with the sun, Akhenaton was on board.

Bes had a female version named Beset. So where are the female leprechauns? Early legends of leprechauns had women. It wasn’t till St. Patrick and the Christians that the female leprechauns were first turned into “little women that lure away men for secret adventures”, then just disappearing. Yes, Christians turned the leprechaun into the solitary male that some how reproduces. Is this surprising? The leprechaun wore red to show that they were brought from Egypt with Gaythelos. Gaythelos was from the red crown of Lower Egypt. They switched the leprechauns to green to hide this fact. Because there are true illuminati out there, they hid clues in plain sight. The stuff on the internet about the Illuminati is ridiculous(See Lemurian Magic). They had to hide clues that the papacy wasn’t smart enough to figure out. If they actually came out and told the truth, they would be burned at the stake. This is where the rainbow and gold come in.

I started with the shoes, but the only thing I could find is shoes symbolize walking your path.  Leprechauns being shoe builders, I believe symbolizes creating your own path. I switched to the rainbow and found that the ancients saw rainbows as a serpent coming out of the ground then going back in. Serpents have to do with wisdom, but I was none the wiser. Christians see the rainbow as a promise from god not to flood the earth again. Bullocks! Then I found Lugh’s sling. Lugh’s sling was the rainbow!!! This was put into the leprechaun legend to show where it came from. These scribes are clever. The color was changed to green to show the leprechaun origins are from Upper Egypt? Osiris is from Upper Egypt and the green man all over the world is Osiris. Yes the little green men and gargoyles on churches is Osiris. One researcher I found even linked Bes to a form of Osiris. Just to add to the wittiness of the myth the Irish name for the sun is Grian(pronounced green).  So the rainbow is showing you the leprechauns connection to Lugh and green is showing the Egyptian connection.  When you think of Egypt, besides pyramids, what is the first things that comes to mind? Gods and gold is it not? The gold is yet another clue where to look, Egypt. Figure out the rainbow and you get the gold and the knowledge.

Source: Leprechaun – secretsoftheserpent

Glimpse into Horse Slaughter – Eagle Pass, Texas (raw video)

“Quietly and behind the scenes the Equine Welfare Alliance and Wild Horse Freedom Federation have been watching, taking note and documenting more than just the unnecessary roundups of wild horses and burros by the BLM; but also paying attention to where tens of thousands of American horses and donkeys (domestic and wild) disappear to without even so much as a final wave goodbye. Horse Slaughter has not been banned in the USA instead it has only moved across our borders and both our beloved domestic equines and our protected wild horses and burros continue to end up on the dinner plates of foreigners across the globe. Below is simply raw video of what the horses go through as they cross the border from Texas to Mexico in the final hours of their precious lives. No commentary, no music, no opinions as the footage speaks for itself. We have simply released it to emphasis the need to act, of things to come and to remind those who participate in this predatory blood business that we are watching and taking names. Yes, we are paying attention as the victims cannot speak for themselves but we can. Let the kill buyer beware. Keep the faith, my friends. We are paying attention.” ~ R.T.

via Glimpse into Horse Slaughter – Eagle Pass, Texas (raw video) — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Video supplied by investigators from EWA and WHFF

The secret creation of false worlds « Outside the Reality Machine

By Jon Rappoport

Potemkin Village: “a pretentiously showy or imposing façade intended to mask or divert attention from an embarrassing or shabby fact or condition. Origin of Potemkin village…after Prince Potëmkin, who allegedly had villages of cardboard constructed for [Russian Empress] Catherine II’s visit to the Ukraine and the Crimea in 1787.”  (Dictionary.com)

A decade ago, I began making notes for a novel.  Its focus was the CIA—but a greatly expanded version of the Agency.

One of my central characters was Arthyr Meriden, former Agency director.  I started writing quotes penned by Meriden during his long career.

Here I present a few of those quotes.

Whether the reader regards them as pure speculative fiction or metaphors describing actual manipulations of reality—they open the door to a wider and deeper understanding of how reality is shaped.  The question is: how far does that shaping/control extend?

Is it only political, or is it also in some sense metaphysical?  Multi-dimensional?

“Suppose one side sets up a truly massive amount of false information, to let it be stolen or intercepted?  I’m talking about whole slices of reality.  We can literally builds worlds of data to be carried off in the middle of the night by our enemy.  We can make these assemblies of information so huge that few people would doubt their veracity.  Suppose both sides are doing this?  Creating and stealing.  Sooner or later, we might think we’re working with the truth.  And the labyrinth would be complete.”  (Arthyr Meriden)

“Look at the intelligence business.  You have two basic things.  A process of discovery, and the thing you want to discover.  Simple.  You aim in a certain direction, and you apply all your skills.  But suppose what you’re seeking turns out to be an artifact?  Wouldn’t that be useful for your enemy?  Suppose he could construct a whole world of false information.  Information that interlocks and connects internally.  And suppose, unknown to you, that is the target you’re seeking.”  (Arthyr Meriden)

“Both sides have built Potemkin Villages of information.  And as both sides penetrate each other’s Village, they obtain feedback, and they use that feedback to mount still other operations, and so on and so forth.  What’s the result?  Towering misinformation.  I would even call it an unintended art form.  Potemkin Villages of feeling, of false certainty.  Something from nothing.  Two sides changing the experience of each other, at a deep core.  It would give birth to a composite, hybrid world that wasn’t there before.  A world composed of layer upon layer of intelligence operations that never had a basis in fact.  Executed by both sides.  Think of it this way.  Two people sit in a room and have a conversation about their lives.  Both people are inventing lives they never had.  Everything is improvised. Everything is false.  But the conversation goes on, and out of it comes shared experience.  Does it really matter that they’re lying?”  (Arthyr Meriden)

“Once upon a time in the West, the Roman Church held sway.  Then there was breakaway Protestantism.  They were both arguing about Potemkin Villages of doctrine.   But there you just had two basic sides.  The level of information, like water in a river, was rather low.  But by now, with all the succeeding breakaway religions, the water is spilling over the banks.  It’s a boiling flood.  You go back to the source and you find an artifact.  It was all built up from nothing, really.”  (Arthyr Meriden)

“I could give you some important names.  Each one of these names has been a target of a deep investigation, inside our agency, spanning years.  I originally made up those names.  They don’t exist.  They’ve been entered into the equation without anyone noticing.  The world has folded itself around them.  If they were removed, various pieces of the world would go with them.”  (Arthyr Meriden)

“You can’t know the feeling of creating a labyrinth unless you do it yourself.  I did.  Thereby, I gave people something to do, something they jumped into with an intensity they’d never known before.  What is a life without searching, without complexity, without that fire?  I would say history itself is a Potemkin creation.”  (Arthyr Meriden)

Source: The secret creation of false worlds « Outside the Reality Machine