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March 16, 2017


St. Patrick’s day is the day people celebrate St. Patrick. He is the British born missionary who is credited with converting Ireland to Christianity. Why are we celebrating a foreigner going into to Ireland and enforcing his will on the people? St. Patrick’s parents were not Irish either, they were Roman. I have always said that everything goes back to Egypt and this holiday is no exception.

I was going to do a post on St. Patrick himself, but the history of him has been monopolized by the church. Everything we know about him and his history is basically from his writings after he became a bishop. I have found some ancient texts that say he burned pagan books, but that is no surprise with the history of Christianity. I find it amusing that researchers scratch their heads about him casting out all the serpents from Ireland. Ireland has never been known to have snakes. The serpent is code for intelligent people. Most of the intelligent people were Druids or Witches. He either ran them off, converted them or killed them. If they were converted they weren’t serpents in the first place and given the history of Christianity I have no doubt he burned them with the books. He didn’t just become a bishop in the fifth century by converting people. In the Thesaurus Paleohibernicus it states “Patrick fought the Druids with a hard heart and crushed the proud”.

St. Patrick’s day first began during the revolutionary war. Britain and America were both trying to rally their troops and several had Irish ancestry. It was mainly a celebration by protestants. General George Washington declared that March 17, 1780 become a national holiday. Washington proclaimed “it was an act of solidarity with the Irish in their fight for independence”. This was the first holiday the soldiers had in two years. Washington and most of the American army were Masons. Masonry goes all the way back to Egypt. This was the beginning of St. Patrick’s day in America. In Ireland, St. Patrick’s day was always a religious holiday. Up until the 70’s the Irish government even had laws that closed pubs on March 17. It was in 1995 that the Irish government used St. Patrick’s day as a way to drive tourism and showcase Ireland. […]

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