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As a herbalist, I prescribe herbal potions and essential oils to my clients as a complement to our healing sessions and an alternative to medication. Over the years, I’ve watched herbs help treat everything from PTSD to depression, anxiety, chronic pain, migraines, obesity, rage, and more.

After about five years of experience with prescribing herbs, I started learning about medicinal-grade essential oils—what a game changer. I now use essential oils in every acupuncture session, and regularly prescribe them for home care. They’re like topical herbs—distilled from the same plants I’ve been studying and prescribing as herbal remedy tinctures for years. The skin is our largest organ, and our body literally ingests much of what we douse it with. Essential oils work with our fascia (which lies just beneath the skin), so the healing properties of the plants are transmitted throughout our entire body. It’s such a sensual, luxurious way to ingest medicine.

Essential oils are particularly great for treating common chakra imbalances—more below, along with the most effective oils that I frequently rely on:


Our first chakra is our most primal energy vortex of psychic information. It’s the foundation of our chakra system. This red spinning disc resides at the base of our spine and manages our most basic needs: safety, security, trust, fear, pooping, survival, procreation. Located on our lower backs, it governs this area, the large intestine, urinary bladder, and kidneys. […]

Read about all your Chakras at the Source: Healing & Balancing Your Chakras – Good Witches Homestead

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