Secondary Effects of a Reiki Session – Holistic Experiment

In the field of alternative medicine, Reiki is used to help bolster one’s own healing abilities to cure all manner of maladies. Although it’s typically said that there is no side effects involved with Reiki, the practitioners are taught to warn patients that part of the healing process can involve a detox that can bring some side effects

A full body treatment takes from 45 to 60 minutes per session, a short session that only focuses on the chakras lasts 15 to 30 minutes. Sometimes the person who is receiving Reiki will  not feel anything during a session, this is because Reiki energy often works on a subtle level.

No matter what, Reiki energy always travels to the place that is needed the most, but it’s essential to understand that healing is a process. Reiki does not fix depression, anxiety, or aches and pain with just one session, just like it take a long time to cure a cold using conventional medicine, it takes time to heal.

The most common reactions during a Reiki session are: feeling emotional, hot or cold, seeing colors or light, twitching, stomach rumbles, and even falling asleep during the session. Every body is different, so every reaction is going to be unique, just make sure if you’re feeling uncomfortable during a session, inform the practitioner immediately.

Other commonly experienced side effects are: cold and sore throat, fever, abdominal pain or an upset stomach, fatigue and the need to sleep, less energy, feeling lightheaded, sensations in different parts of the body (often in the head and heart), and major life changes in relationships, career, locations, etc.

It’s often recommended to drink lots of water and rest as soon as you get Reiki because you might be feeling a bit tired. If you can, don’t drive to your appointment, or better yet, find a practitioner that can go to your home or take a distance healing session so that you can take a nice nap after the session.

A lot of people will notice that after this process takes its course, they start experiencing the happy side effects of Reiki. This happens because every single time we heal, we release one layer of darkness from our auras and our body’s blueprint. The body will slowly flush out the toxicity that is stored in our cells in order to pave the way for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

So next time you experience a side effect after a healing session, drink lots of water, rest, and welcome the side effects!

Source: Secondary Effects of a Reiki Session – Holistic Experiment

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