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The Hunger Games is a novel by Suzanne Collins and was made into a blockbuster film series. I will use the movies because let’s face it, no one reads anymore. This story is written like an ancient myth, but the fictional time and place is this planet right now. I remember when the movies first started coming out, the conspiracy buffs were all over the internet saying this is going to be the new world if the Illuminati has their way. I got news for you. This has been going on for a long time, but not it the way you think.

Suzanne Collins in an interview said she got her inspiration for the books from Greek myths. This is when I got interested in reading the books and seeing the movies. I love them. She does a great job of portraying things gong on today in the same way the Greeks portrayed what was going on in their day. Some people give me a hard way to go for translating the violent symbology in myths into consciousness and everyday life. The scribes used the violence to symbolize things, but also to show the type of violence that was going on in the world in certain eras. An example would be Medusa, cutting off her head symbolized getting the knowledge from her, but it was also quite common back then to have someone beheaded(See Medusa).

To start off with Katniss Everdeen is the main aspect of yourself, but she is the sacred feminine or your subconscious exploring this world. Being the main character you need to notice how comfortable she is in nature. I found it funny that at the very beginning of the first movie Gale tells Katniss “If everyone would just quit watching they wouldn’t have a game. It is as simple as that.” Gale just gave the answer at the very beginning to actually making a difference in this world. More on that later. Peeta Mellark is your ego. All other characters are aspects of yourself and your world.

We start with Katniss volunteering for her younger sister Primrose and Peeta being chosen. No one wanted to get picked and Katniss was protecting her sister, so that is why she volunteered. This is symbolizing the system that we have in place and the world you grew up in. You did not volunteer to be put into this system. You were thrown into it by your parents. Did you enjoy getting up for school everyday? Do you like going to work everyday? If there was no such thing as money, would you be doing what you are doing today? I will bet the answer for most people on all 3 is “No”. The etymology on graduate comes from “to gradually indoctrinate”.

While on the train they meet Effie and Haymitch. Effie represents someone who loves this fake world. Haymitch is representing the person that struggles in this fake world. This is where Katniss and Peeta find out you have to get people to like you. Peeta loves this because your ego loves to be liked. Your ego on its own is your inauthentic self. Katniss does not because when you have the sacred feminine you are more authentic, but she is still trying to figure this world out. When they get to the capital they see just how fake the world is. Everyone in the capital is fake and loving it. Perfect representation of what this world is today. The masses are all about fake hair, fake faces, fake media, fake politics, fake skin, fake medicine, fake boobs, fake nails, fake muscles(steroids), and let’s not forget fake personalities. But get the fake people to like you and you will survive in this world.

All the training and interviewing before the games is you getting to know people from all over the world and how they view this system. Some were trained from birth, some really enjoy it, some are just trying to survive and some are like you they are just learning. The fake fire on the chariot and her dress is symbolizing fake intellect. Which is exactly what you need to survive in this fake world. The Hunger games begin and this is symbolizing that people will do anything to get what they want in this world. Do we all compete for a job? Do we compete to get on the sports team or cheerleading squad? Do we compete to get into a college we want to goto? Let’s not forget how we treat each other for that sale on black Friday. People will do anything to get what they want. I could go on and on. We do all this and the blood lines ruling this world profit immensely. If you are familiar with my work, you understand what I mean when I talk about blood lines. If you are not familiar, check out Lemurian Magic.

Katniss and Peeta work together to be the first ever games with two victors. This is not supposed to happen. A regular person is not suppose to use both sides of their mind. Not without the establishment knowing. So they change the rules and make all previous victors compete in another Hunger Games. This is symbolizing no matter how high you climb in their game, they can always change the rules and do what they want. Some people don’t like it and riot, but they don’t care. Violence just makes them look better and the people held down by the system look like thugs.

They  go through the same thing with getting ready for the games again. Katniss and Peeta still have the fake fire when they come out. Meaning you are still not ‘awake’. The interesting part of the second movie is when Peeta dies and is brought back to life. Death and resurrection are all over the ancient myths and it mostly symbolizes death of pseudo self and resurrection of authentic self. You can’t kill the ego. You can make it fall off its pedestal, but without the ego you can’t be human. The biggest ego trip out there is “My ego is less than yours”(See Cyclops).
The trick is to have both working in harmony(See Magic). Katniss firing her arrow at top of dome when lightning strikes, is symbolizing the same thing as the tower card in the Tarot. Using authentic intelligence to make the fake masculine world come crashing down.

Katniss wakes up and finds out that Peeta is still alive knows the importance of getting him back. From this point on it is symbolizing what happens when you truly wake up. Those that have went through this process can understand the chaos that happens in the mind and the loneliness you experience. This movie portrays it perfect with Katniss’ struggles to come back to reality. Peeta saying things for the capital and then trying to kill her when they get him back, is the ego saying and doing anything to be the one in charge again(See Gollum). Her not trusting him from this point is a perfect analogy of you not trusting your mind after the waking up process. Gale is actually a perfect symbol of what the sacred masculine is, but it’s just as he tells her “You only notice me when I’m in pain”. Her working with him is the beginning of getting the sacred masculine back in your life. Just like when you were a kid.

The rebels have cameras follow Katniss. They give it away in the movie as to why they are doing this. So they can put out propaganda. In other words, you are being a good little girl doing what we want you to do, so we want to show the world you are on our side. This will get more people to think like we think. As I showed in Lemurian Magic, all these blood lines are fighting over control of you. All the media, mainstream and alternative, is to get you to think how they want you to think. All the politics, all the religion, everything has an agenda, to control you. It is a game to them! The masses don’t have one original thought in their head. They parrot everything that has been spoon fed to them since they were born. Katniss starts to figure this out when Boggs is killed.

Peeta starts asking what is real or not real because he needs help after uncovering all the lies. From here all the battling and getting to the capital through the sewers is the battle you go through to become your true self. All the mutts attacking is the masses trying to bring you back down to their level. Katniss finally uncovers the truth and realizes Coin only wants the power for herself. She says she wants to kill Snow, but kills Coin instead realizing this is all a game. This is symbolizing her taking herself out of the game of the establishment. Her going home and Peeta showing up is symbolizing the subconscious and ego working together, equally. When you have both sides of the mind working together, you create your own authentic world. At the very end she is playing with her child and it ends with “there are worst games to play”.

Just like Gale said in the beginning of the series, quit playing, quit watching and quit giving your power away. Put the odds in your favor and become the authentic person you were meant to be. Don’t be polarized. Polarized people are easily moved and keep the world in conflict. Conflict means profits and control for the establishment. I find it funny that this movie is filled with actors and actresses that supposedly are on the common persons side, yet Hollywood is a main engine in running the fakery of this world. They will put things out like this symbolically because they know most people don’t understand the symbolism. They go and accept their awards and paycheck and laugh all the way to the bank. Truth only goes as far as someones paycheck.

Let your light shine!!!!!!!

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Stunning Lack of Tranparancy in BLM’s and University of Wyoming’s Adobe Town Wild Horse Study

Source:  Wild Hoofbeats


USGS holding radio collars, the one on the right is for the study

by Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The BLM and the University of Wyoming are conducting a Radio Collar Study on wild mares in the Adobe Town Herd Management Area. I have done several blog posts about this study, calling for people to send in comments and calling for more clarification on how this study is going to be conducted. Some of my concerns are the the health and well being of the mares that will be captured by bait trapping, trailered to Rock Springs, put into squeeze chutes and have these collars put on. These collars will remain for 2 years. Then the mares will be transported back supposedly to where they were captured and released. This alone will be very traumatic for the mares and their families who will lose a family member.

But what happens when the mare gets her foot caught in the collar, or it grows into her neck because it is being put on when she is at her thinnest, and she will put on weight in the summer especially if she is pregnant? How will they be able to release the collar if she is in trouble?


Moving the mares into the shed to put collars on

These were not popular questions at the Q and A that USGS conducted yesterday at the Rock Springs corrals. I was told that they “left room” in the collars for the mares to gain weight – wouldn’t that allow her to get it caught on something more easily? And yes there were studies of mares being injured and dying in the field due to radio collars but supposedly this design was much improved. They do have a tag they can put into the mane instead but these will fall off too soon. I did ask about using direct observation as a way of gathering data but that was deemed impossible, even though it is much less intrusive. The researchers would rather track the mares on their computers rather than on the ground, in the field. I also asked weren’t they concerned about the mares being released all alone, not with their families? There was no answer to that.


The geldings in the front corral know something is going on

Before I even went to Rock Springs I had been very concerned about the lack of observation of the whole process that the BLM was allowing. Public observation helps to prevent abuse of the horses, and I am a firm believer in this.  A week ago American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign asked attorney Nick Lawton of Meyer, Glizenstein& Eubanks to write a letter asking for the opportunity to observe the bait trapping and the collaring as well as the release of the mares, as well as giving sufficient notice of at least 2 days so I could get out there. The BLM did not change its stance on the bait trapping and the collaring or the notice but did say that “the mares will be held at the facility for 24 hours after they are radio collared, and the public will be able to observe the mares from the overlook during this time period.”


Mares that were not collared

This did NOT happen. The mares after they were collared were being kept in a pen that was completely not visible from the overlook and when I asked it if could see the mares I was told no, that they have to be be kept quiet. Somehow all the torment that these mares went through was totally acceptable but having members of the public view them, even at a distance, was too hard on them.


Where the collaring was done

I could see the heads of the mares that did not have collars on, and occasionally their bodies, using my long lens. Apparently they captured 9 mares who they brought to the facility, but 5 were too young. Even I could see one of the mares looked like a yearling or at the most a two year old filly – how on earth could the people trapping the horses not be able to tell the difference between very young and mature mares? And why put these poor young mares though the stress of taking them away from their families, hauling them to the facility then hauling them back, for nothing? If they had allowed me to observe the bait trapping I could have told them these mares were too young because I have spent 13 years observing these wild horses in Adobe Town.


Tracking device to track collars on the ground

I am meeting the BLM at the Rock Springs corrals on Sunday morning to follow them out to release the 4 mares with collars and I assume the 5 without. Hopefully I will be close enough to actually see them and photograph them. And please let them not get into trouble, please keep them safe. They do not deserve what is being done to them.

Gelding still at Rock Springs after the 2014 Checkerboard Roundup

This just in – I received a photo of the collared mares from the BLM:

Photo of collared mares, courtesy of BLM

Source: Stunning Lack of Tranparancy in BLM’s and University of Wyoming’s Adobe Town Wild Horse Study | Straight from the Horse’s Heart