Astrorisa Moon Blast – Excerpts of the Leo Full Moon February 10, 2017

February 10, 2017
Leo Full Moon 22° at 7:33 PM EST
in House 12
Aquarius Sun 22°, in House 6

Planetary & Cosmic Energies
 Moon (Osupa / Yemoja), Sun (Orun / Orunmila), Mercury (Esu-Elegbara), Uranus (Sango), Neptune (Olokun),  Pluto (Oya), and Venus (Oshun).
Forecast runs from Feb.10th – Mar.11th 2017
Leo Full Moon 22° the archetype of Orunmila and Sango
A Leo moon always brings an experience that can be seen as transformative, and in this case this moon time is both transformative and life changing. This Leo moon arrives as a lunar eclipse, opening and closing cosmic portals, bringing the ending of cycles which will soon usher in new beginnings. Thus, for so many, what once was will not be again after this moon time.
This Leo moon centers around family and government issues which may experience unexpected situations… Leo enjoys justice, is concerned about its family, and enjoys all things which are pleasurable…And for our collective consciousness, this moon time offers experiences which tests or guides our free will towards decisions which will impact our destinies…However, because of these cosmic nudges regarding our destiny, some people will ponder now, where they should be going in life? Or they’ll decide to change their life style, or again will be overly concerned with their financial situation, where will their lack of finances take them? All these scenarios fall under these cosmic and lunar vibrations, influencing the changing of cycles.
Have a safe, law abiding, and fun filled full moon time.
Written by Iya Olusoga ~ Bisi Ade
For Astrorisa Moon Forecaster
February 7, 2017

Source: Astrorisa Moon Blast – Excerpts of the Leo Full Moon 2-10-17 – – Gmail

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