Shamanism & The Nordic Goddess


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“The Norse Goddess” by Monica Sjöö 1938 – 2005 (pictures above)… The peoples of the north believe that everything has a Mother and that all of nature has a soul. The most important mothers are Mother Earth, Sun and Moon. The Sun was always female in the north – the because she is a life giving power after the long dark winter is experienced as the life-giving warmth of the Mothers womb. Both are the source of life and the Ahkkas are Her daughters. They are the protectors of women and of animals, and especially of mothers about to give birth. The Celto-Germanic Triple Mothers, the Matronae or Deae Matris, were also called Mother Earth, Sun and Moon Woman. They were the ancient creator Goddesses of the past, of Old Europe and Eastern Europe, who had survived. The Romans called them Sorceresses of the early days.

They were the…

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