KDCL Media Roundup July 22, 2012


Halfway through the Dog Days of Summer the gardens are bringing forth their summer bounty. It’s a time when communities come together as the 4-H and FFA kids load up their cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, and hogs to show at county and state fairs. There’s horse and tractor pulls, mud bogs and demolition derbies, demonstrations, displays of many talented artisans, and great fair food that you wait all year to consume.

Our local business people support our youth by bidding on their livestock, encouraging our young people to carry on their family farming traditions. Many of these businesses donate the animals they buy to the volunteer organizations around the county, after which these organizations than use these animals for raffles and fundraisers bringing money into the organizations for their continued operations.

Egun And Then Some…. Is our 3 hour open line call in flagship show. We cover topics across the spectrum including spirituality, the environment including mountain top removal mining, hydro-fracking, and the people who are working to keep these rein in their environmental disasters.

Candelo’s Corner, This Monday Tata Candelo’s special guest will be The Conjure Doctor—Dr. E, who will telling us about his organization SAFE – Santeros Against Fraud and Exploitation.

Turn The Page, you never know what’s going to be on the tip of tongues. Now we have executive orders allowing the President to take control of the food, water, fuel supplies, wired and wireless airwaves, the attempts to dismantle the Constitution, medical marijuana, and any other juicy tidbits that comes across the wires.

On Wednesday there is no one more opinionated than an Over The Road truck driver talking about the view from their office windshield behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer.

Ride with Sneaky Snake and Lil’ Pete over at KDCL Media on YouTube. Climb in the passenger seat of Lil’ Pete and hold on tight. Always something new being posted.

Thursday and Friday Door To The Mind and After Dark with Dia Nunez of The H20 Network and Miss Paula get back on track since the relocation of The H20 Network Studio to the Mile High City, Denver, Colorado. This past week we had Crystal Skull Explorer Joshua Shapiro on Door To The Mind and After Dark who gave us wonderful insights and great information about crystal skulls

Check out the rest of the week’s shows on our Internet radio page KDCL Media Presents, or at our home page for KDCL Media. Things change fast ’round here, so always check-in.

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Have a Safe & Blessed week,

Miss Paula

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