Reading of the Week December 11, 2011

Ten of Spears

This is a time when you must come to terms with things you avoided in the past. It’s time to clean up loose ends and complete projects before adding new things to your plate. The words of another will spark more work for you leaving you overworked and overtired. Money you were counting on is delayed or falls through. Do not act impulsively though a new opportunity that comes your way will have you completing the old and beginning the new simultaneously.

 Knight of Shields

In the process of sending out the old and bringing in the new, you fear your full schedule will cause you to miss an opportunity for the personal relationship you’ve been hoping will develop. During this stressful time, do not let fatigue and distraction lead to accidents. If you are beginning a new relationship, do not become enamored to the point of excluding everything or everyone else in your life. Your efforts will be rewarded in more ways than one, but remember to set aside time for yourself to regroup and re-center. Listen to your intuition.

 The Moon

This time of endings and beginnings will be trying mentally, physically and spiritually. As with all endings and beginnings there is disappointment, disillusionment and mangled feelings. The recompense you are paid will hardly seem adequate for all you’ve been through. Through all the unforeseen changes and unexpected happenings, attempt to walk the middle of the road to avoid the peaks and valleys of the emotions associated with times of change. Be sure to look for the lessons and the balance, and you will find a new you coming out the other side.

Brother Russell & My Grandpap Edd Bittinger



Transformation, Healing, Life Energy

Work to shed your old ways of tearing down others to build yourself up. You will see the healing in both you and those around you when you come to terms with that which you carry inside, lancing festering wounds and allowing them to drain and heal. Shedding the old leads to fertility in the new.


Humility, Cunning, God

‘Small is beautiful’ as in self-realization is not from grandeur or the appearance of power, but in humility, gentleness and subtlety. Cunning if tempered with humor and good intent along with honest use of others’ achievements is a good way to get much accomplished. Be careful that you do not begin to hide behind your gentle nature as to cause yourself to become invisible to those around you or to avoid facing reality. Be mindful of how you use your cunning that you do not proclaim as yours what has been wrought from the sweat of others. It is a thin path between benign and malignant.


Generosity, Nourishment, Discovery

It’s OK to enjoy the abundance and fertility of life, enjoy its beauty and delights without feelings of guilt. As you enjoy the fruits of your labors remember the checks and balances or you could find yourself becoming ‘piggish’ or greedy. Don’t judge others by their outward appearance but be patient and draw your conclusions from the whole of the person.


In this time of the changing of the year, it is imperative in these times of great change and chaos that we look inward to stand in our truths and balance so that we may project a sea of calm for those seeking guidance and shelter.

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