Reading For The Week of November 7th

Reading For The Week Of November 7

Queen of Cups

Discordant energy in the home and workplace. The emotional turmoil from last week carries over into this week. Plans have to be rearranged as your mundane life is in a state of flux.

Those who are in tune with the metaphysical side of life will find it contains new and exciting things that may come to play in everyday life.

In the workplace, people will not be interested in what you are selling, but someone you meet there could be interested in you romantically.

If your stress levels have been high, be careful of your health.

Someone will soon be coming into your life that will give you the answers or guidance for which you’ve been seeking.

Someone you counted on for support will not be able to help you.

You’re feeling scattered and out of sync with everyone and everything.

People won’t understand your ideas or see things the way you do, but there will be someone that will give you the opportunity to utilize your skill and talents.

Things take a turn toward the spiritual and esoteric. What you couldn’t see before will be revealed. If you work in the metaphysical realm you may find your abilities to ‘see and hear’ enhanced.

8 Swords

There is a feeling of oppression, restriction or of being ‘boxed’ in.

On a mundane level it may be time to change your place or line of work.

On a spiritual level you are in a protective box so you won’t be distracted from your path.

You may be caught off guard by problems with your health and other sudden handicaps.

You may need to take a time out to recharge mentally and physically, and remove yourself from a situation where you feel trapped in a negative cycle.

Choose your friends with great discrimination.

Situations brought about by others will cause high levels of stress.

Someone who left will find that the ‘grass was not greener’ and may wish to return to the fold.

Don’t let your fears bind you to people or places.


Communication will be hard because you feel scattered, intolerant or critical of others, but this also motivates you to make yourself clearly understood.

You feel you are in a holding pattern and feel unable to make the changes you want in your life, but learning to ‘let go’ and intuit what you need to do will go a long way in alleviating the stress you now feel.

You are overloaded mentally and need to step back and let things play out. You’re in a period of reorientation where you have to regain your balance mentally and physically.

This may cause delays but the promise is there for fut

Great Grandfathers

 Message From My Ancestors

Things are not going to be easy, so keep trying.

Your relationships are a reflection of your relationship with self. To improve one you must honestly look to the other. Trust yourself.

Things may be improving financially, but don’t let that loosen your purse strings. The best gifts are those from the heart.

Though this is a time of re-uniting with friends and family, you may find yourself frustrated as the road you have been traveling leads you to shed people and things you no longer need, and cleave to those that support the person you are now.

Things are working faster than you think and your mountains will soon become mole hills.

Reading For The Week From OmoYemaya



 DANIEL: Guiding individuals through marriage/s.( Note: this can be a break-up, or the gaining of a new marriage. This also includes partnerships business, friendship etc) 

ISAIAH:  It’s a good time to give birth to new ideas, and situations in your life. You are being guided, and protected during these changes. 

ROCHELLE: As you honor, and follow the guidance of your heart, prosperity will come your way. 

Message From My Ancestors

For individuals that are drama kings/ queens and have a tendency to blow things out of proportion be careful because this week you will get called out, and in a way that you were not expecting. It’s a full moon and emotions are high, so tolerance levels will be quick to break. For what has been accepted in the past will not be acceptable at this time.

Individuals, communities, and humanity is experiencing  massive devastation; and destructive forces that will affect many. For some, this may be stomach turning/disgusting, and you may think you will not survive, BUT you will. Now is the time to master the fundamentals before proceeding into anything, so one doesn’t miss important steps on the journey. Living in the now with a detachment from negative/past experiences, and future expectations will be key.

Learn to respect yourself, and others.

Examine being a perfectionist, being highly critical, one’s inner judge.

Feeling cursed, a run of bad luck. Good, and bad news; VICTORY AFTER STRUGGLE

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