Murals of Eduardo Kobra

I originally saw this on the Did You Know Tumblr blog. Fantastic talent.

Kobra-BobDylan # 5 On August 26, Kobra began his greatest work abroad. It does in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, a retelling of the singer and American composer Bob Dylan, on a wall of 50 meters by 20 meters in an Art Deco building at the corner of Henneping with S. 5th Street , in downtown. Kobra is in the US a week ago, accompanied by the artists Agnaldo Brito, Silvio Cesar and Marcos Rafael, all of Studio Kobra. At work will also feature the collaboration of two American workers. “We will show wall in three different stages of Dylan’s career, inspired by the title of one of his most important songs,” The Times They Are a-Changin ‘. Will be a permanent panel of about a thousand square meters, “says Kobra.


Door To The Mind Welcomes Lakota Doll Artists Charlene and Rhonda Holy Bear

Miss Paula of KDCL Media and Dia Nunez of The H20 Network will be joined by Lakota Doll Artists Charlene and Rhonda Holy Bear Thursday at 6pm edt.

Lakota Doll Artists Charlene & Rhonda Holy Bear

Charlene Holy Bear is an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Lakota Sioux Tribe, Charlene Holy Bear grew up mostly in northern New Mexico. When she was five years old she created her first doll under the guidance of her older sister Rhonda Holy Bear. A couple of years later, while her sister participated in the 1986 Santa Fe Indian Market, Charlene was encouraged to put a doll in to the youth juried competition and won her first award, a second place ribbon, which allowed her to buy her own filly and related accouterments.

She continued creating dolls while attending high school at the Santa Fe Indian School and participated in a couple of youth artist shows, in a local gallery, Mosi Lakai-Bi’kisi. Later, with her sister, she had dolls exhibited at the Morning Star Gallery, Santa Fe, NM while attending the University of New Mexico where she studied fine arts and art history.

Since then, she has used that background to create historically based interpretations of dolls that explore various concepts of Native American life.