Murals of Eduardo Kobra

I originally saw this on the Did You Know Tumblr blog. Fantastic talent.

Kobra-BobDylan # 5 On August 26, Kobra began his greatest work abroad. It does in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, a retelling of the singer and American composer Bob Dylan, on a wall of 50 meters by 20 meters in an Art Deco building at the corner of Henneping with S. 5th Street , in downtown. Kobra is in the US a week ago, accompanied by the artists Agnaldo Brito, Silvio Cesar and Marcos Rafael, all of Studio Kobra. At work will also feature the collaboration of two American workers. “We will show wall in three different stages of Dylan’s career, inspired by the title of one of his most important songs,” The Times They Are a-Changin ‘. Will be a permanent panel of about a thousand square meters, “says Kobra.


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