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Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW, “The Stress Doc” ™, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is an acclaimed keynote and kickoff speaker as well as “Motivational Humorist & Team Communication Catalyst” known for his interactive, inspiring and FUN programs for both government agencies and major corporations.  In addition, the “Doc” is a team building and organizational development consultant.  He is providing “Stress and Communication, as well as Managing Change, Leadership and Team Building” programs for the 1st Cavalry Division and 13th Expeditionary Support Command, Ft. Hood, Texas and for Army Community Services and Family Advocacy Programs at Ft. Meade, MD and Ft. Belvoir, VA as well as Andrews Air Force Base/Behavioral Medicine Services.  Mark has also had a rotation as Military & Family Life Consultant (MFLC) at Ft. Campbell, KY.  A former Stress and Violence Prevention Consultant for the US Postal Service, The Stress Doc is the author of Practice Safe Stressand of The Four Faces of Anger.  See his award-winning,USA Today Online “HotSite” — called a “workplace resource” by National Public Radio (NPR).  For more info on the Doc’s “Practice Safe Stress” programs or to receive his free e-newsletter, email

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The Door To The Mind 03/08 by KDCL Media | Blog Talk Radio

The Door To The Mind 03/08 by KDCL Media | Blog Talk Radio.

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Letter Of The Year 2012

Each person should go to their respective Godfathers (Babalawos) seeking clarity in regards to the foregoing.

Our Commission is grateful to the great institutions of Communications that make possible that these predictions reach every corner of the World.

The Organizing Commission for the Sign of the Year
“Miguel Febles Padrón”
wishes you a Happy and Prosperous 2012 Year.

Following a tradition of twenty six years, the Organizing Commission of the Reading of the Year gathered on the 31st of December 2011 in the House-Temple situated on Avenida 10 de Octubre #1509, between Josefina and Gertrudis, Vibora, Municipality of 10 de Octubre, City of Havana, Cuba.

This ceremony was chaired by the Ifá Priest, Guillermo Diago Molina “Ogbe Weñe” and supported by Ifá priests respresenting all of Cuba’s Ifá families and their descendants in the rest of the World. The youngest Ifá priest took out the sign.

Reigning SignBABÁ IRETE MEYI (“The shadow of the son of short life”; sign ends lives quickly).
Prophetic orientationOsobo Ikú Otonowá.
Orula Onire: Adimú (obi, omí tutu, itaná meyi).
Onishé ará: PARALDO with a hen (Umbeboro Oyá and the rest of the ingredients).
Onishé Omó (children): Ebbó Misi. Otán.
EBBÓ: 1 hen, white cloth, red cloth, and black cloth; arrow, trap, 1 egg, meat with bone, 1 fresh small fish, and the rest of the ingredients.

Reigning DeityOYÁ: Divinity of storms and gentle breezes. She is identified with the spirit of the ancestors. She is the goddess of the River Niger (Odó Oyá), which received its name from her. It is believed that she was the first and favorite wife of the Orisha Shangó. Tradition tells us that the river was originally formed from the copious tears that she shed on the day her husband died.

Accompanying DeityOGGÚN. He is the patrón of blacksmiths and soldiers and is worshiped in the city of Iré and Iyesá in western Nigeria.

The Flag of the Year: Wine Red with Black Borders.

The distribution of this document is free and the Commission is not responsable for its sale by unscrupulous people animated by money.



Events of Social Concern

  1. This is a sign of war and confrontation.
  2. This is a sign of transition, and social, political, and economic change.
  3. Loss through old age (aging population).
  4. Increase in seismic movement.
  5. You should pay attention to all household issues.
  6. Serious marital problems.
  7. Seek nimble solutions to any existing problem.
  8. Dangerous increase in temperature.



  1. Improve hygiene in hospitals.
  2. Improve apprenticeship in the manual trades.
  3. Special attention to agriculture and the organized distribution of products.
  4. Attention to your children.
  5. Grant consideration to women in every aspect.
  6. Better the organization of public economic management.
  7. Use music as social therapy.
  8. Organize a campaign of general sanitation against environmental contamination in order to avoid epidemics.
  9. Make offerings to ASOJUANO.
  10. Take advantage of the properties of the following plants for their respective uses: albahaca (basil), hierba de la sangre (blood plant), caisimón, quita maldición (remove curse), ciruela (plum), algodón (cotton) and bledo blanco.
  11. Control the increase in promiscuity.
  12. Preserve the environment.
  13. Avoid false accusations and defamations.
  14. Change and revise penal laws, bringing them up to date.

An Essay By Obalorun Ala Aganju

Alafia all,

At the request of a member of the forum am going to reprise a couple of essays from years passed in the hope that they will be of interest to the forum members.

Be well,

Obalorun Ala Aganju

Aborisa, a religion with clear and strong ethics and morals

“The basic difference between the African priests and the Santero is that the latter practices his magic in the asphalt jungles of big cities instead of in the African wilderness. Santeria is simply jungle magic adapted to city

living. Its ritual practices are based on sympathetic magic. That is, they are natural magic based on the laws of similarity and contact”.

The quote sited above came from, Santeria : African Magic in Latin America by Migene Gonzalez-Wippler.

It is statements like these found in books by writers like Gonzalez-Wippler, Lydia Cabrera and others that promote and foster the very mistaken idea that the Lukumi/Yoruba peoples were nothing more than a bunch of half naked Jungle Bunnies who were snatched from ” the African wilderness.”

” The African wilderness,” Where they passed their days living solely off of the wild produce of the land, when they weren’t casting spells upon each other.

Writers like Gonzalez-Wippler, Lydia Cabrera and others have worked very hard to promote and foster the very mistaken idea that the religion of Lukumi/Yoruba peoples was and is nothing more than a hodge podge of OOOGA BOOGA Mumbo jumbo, superstitions and foolishness.

Writers like Gonzalez-Wippler, Lydia Cabrera and others have worked very hard to promote and foster the very mistaken idea that the Orisa and the priests who serve they have nothing better to do than to lay about waiting for clients to show up looking to buy spells, potions and petty evil.

Writers like Gonzalez-Wippler, Lydia Cabrera and others have worked very hard to promote and foster the very mistaken idea that the religion that I have been involved in since I was 18 years old and that I have served as an Olorisa since I was 28 years old has neither morals nor ethical underpinnings.

Writers like Gonzalez-Wippler, Lydia Cabrera and others have worked very hard to promote and foster the very mistaken idea that the religion that I have been involved in since I was 18 years old and that I have served as an Olorisa since I was 28 years old is a religion is one where the power and blessings of God are for sale, and that the Orisa and Olorisa who serve them are the marketing agents for this celestial huckster who doles out blessings for a price.

Writers like Gonzalez-Wippler, Lydia Cabrera and others have worked very hard to promote and foster the very mistaken idea that the religion that I have been involved in since I was 18 years old and that I have served as an Olorisa since I was 28 years old is where any and everyone can come to God ask for what they would be ashamed to ask for in any other religion.

The captive Lukumi/Yoruba peoples who established Aborisa in the Cuban Diaspora were anything but a bunch of half naked Jungle Bunnies who were snatched from ” the African wilderness.”

For the most part the Lukumi/Yoruba peoples were city dwellers, even those who were farmers lived “in town” and traveled to their farms to work. As for the Olorisa who came to Cuba as captives they were stewards and teachers of a very sophisticated religion.

A religion deserving of the very same respect that is accorded the “Major world regions,” a religion with clear and strong ethics and morals.

Ethics, a system of moral principles. The rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture, etc.

Morals, of, or pertaining to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong.

Character, the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing.

Character, Qualities of honesty, courage, integrity.

Integrity, adherence to moral and ethical principals, soundness of moral character, honesty.

Iwa, conduct, behavior, disposition, nature, character.

Ethics= Iwa

Morals= Iwa

Integrity= Otito inu, iwa tito,

Otito = truth Otito = honesty

Otito inu= inner truth. iwa tito= truthful character, honest character.

Character, the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing.

“Concede to each person or thing their own particular character (Iwa).” (Mo iwa fun oniwa)

Another person’s character (Iwa) may or may not be like unto yours or to your liking, but it is his/her Iwa and you must live with it as they bring it to you. Those with hard character (Iwa Lile) lack all of the requisites necessary to accommodate and appreciate the character (Iwa) of others. This does not imply that you must tolerate abuse at the hands of another. Since you cannot change someone’s character (Iwa) you must change your relationship to it.

As I have been taught it, there are two types of Iwa, character one can develop in one’s life, Iwa lile that is hard or difficult character and Iwapele or Iware.

Iware can be translated to mean “good character” and Iwapele can be translated to mean gentle character, dignity, and humility.

The development of Iwapele/ Iware, “good character” gentle character, dignity, and humility is a goal without equal in life.

There is a proverb, which says “Iwa l’ewa, Character (Iwa), is beauty (Ewa), Gentle character, (Iwapele), imparts inner beauty, (Ewa Inu).”

Iwapele/ Iware, “good character” gentle character, dignity, and humility are developed through the acquisition and use of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, caution, stability, dignity, maturity, patience, caring and thoughtfulness. There is a proverb, which says “Iwa l’ewa, Character (Iwa), is beauty (Ewa), Gentle character, (Iwapele), imparts inner beauty, (Ewa Inu).”

Character, honesty and truth were cornerstone principles in Ile Lukumi before the incursions of both Islam and Christianity.

There is no concept of “Original Sin,” nor is there a need for salvation in Aborisa, Orisa worship. Aborisa, Orisa worship, does not teach that humankind is lost from God nor is God lost from humankind. While there is no concept of absolute “good” or absolute “evil,” in Aborisa and it is taught that all things have constructive and destructive aspects to them.

It must be made clear that we are not free to act as we please as though there are no consequences.

Odu Ogbeate teaches us:

Even if the beginning of wrongdoing is pleasant, the end of wickedness will not be good. We cannot use evil to secure goods and expect them to be anchored firmly. These are the teachings of Ifa for the upright one, the offspring of the initiated one who treads the Earth in humbleness.

Olodumare is the lord of the land.

Olodumare is owner of judgement.

Retribution belongs to Olodumare.

The wisdom of Odu Ofun Meji counsels:

Ifa says we should not break a commitment to a friend, lest we die an unexpected death. If we discuss something with a person and that person wants to break a promise to us, the Ancestors will judge them. The king of the world will reward everyone precisely according to the work of his or her hands. What Aborisa, Orisa Worship, does teach is that we must develop our character:

Odu Ogbe Iwori teaches:

Bad conduct is what is attributed to youth.

Bad character is what is attributed to elders

Ogbe Ogunda says:

Character is all that is required. Character is all that is required. There is no Ori that needs to be unfortunate in the city of Ife; Character is all that is required.

Ogbe Tura advises:

If we have money and do not have character,

The money belongs to someone else.

Character, iwa, is what we are looking for, character.

If we have children and do not have character,

The children belong to someone else.

Character, iwa, is what we are looking for, character.

If we have a house and do not have character,

The house belongs to someone else.

Character, iwa, is what we are looking for, character.

If we have clothes and do not have character,

The clothes belong to someone else.

Character, iwa, is what we are looking for, character.

All the good things we have, if we do not have character,

These good things belong to someone else.

And so, it’s character, iwa, we are looking for, character.

Ofun Iwonrin advises:

Ofun, the Giving One, gives to them so that they might nurture.

Ofun, the Giving One, gives to them so that they might care for others.

This is the teaching of Ifa for Oduduwa who was doing good all over the world.

He said, “doing good worldwide is the best expression of character.”

They said a part of the world would not thank him for his kindness.

And others would not even recognize its value.

But he said “a father cannot help but give good things to his children

And a mother cannot help but give good things to her son or daughter.”

They said that Orunmila should sacrifice

So that all the good things which he gave to people, if they were wasted in the world

They would return to him in good order.

He heard and sacrificed.

“Sacrifice means nothing if you do not have good character. . .”

Irete Oyeku:

Orifusi, father of Elu, was searching for way to avoid death before it was his time. So that death would kill him his children and his wives before it was their time. He if you want to avoid death you must sacrifice and following the teachings of Ifa. Ifa will teach you the conduct and character, which will enable you to avoid death before you time. They said, when you sacrifice you should begin doing good from his day on more than ever before. Because your sacrifice means nothing if you do not have good character. Therefore you should take the sacrificial pigeons and chicken home. You should release them; you should not kill them. You should feed birds that come to your house. And you must not kill anything from this day on. For one who wants death not to kill them should not kill anything either.

Ethics= Iwa

Morals= Iwa

Integrity= Otito inu, iwa tito,

Otito = truth Otito = honesty

Otito inu= inner truth. iwa tito= truthful character, honest character.

Morals, ethics, Character, honesty and truth were cornerstone principles in Ile Lukumi before the incursions of both Islam and Christianity. If these core concepts were in truth imposed from the outside by invader cultures then we need to give thanks that such a thing has occurred! And we need to be working 24-7 to see to it that all we come in contact with are inculcated and yes even indoctrinated with these concepts!

The proverb from Odu Obara Meji tells us, “He who knows doesn’t die like doesn’t know.”

Odu Ogbe Irosun teaches us:

If we would listen to the teachings of Ifa, we would last like our ancestors lasted.

If we would follow the teachings of Ope Orunmila, we would grow old like the ancient ones.

Be well and may we all ever and always “Strive to increase good in the world and not let any good be lost.”

Obalorun Ala Aganju moderator of the Santeria list.

Reading of the Week December 11, 2011

Ten of Spears

This is a time when you must come to terms with things you avoided in the past. It’s time to clean up loose ends and complete projects before adding new things to your plate. The words of another will spark more work for you leaving you overworked and overtired. Money you were counting on is delayed or falls through. Do not act impulsively though a new opportunity that comes your way will have you completing the old and beginning the new simultaneously.

 Knight of Shields

In the process of sending out the old and bringing in the new, you fear your full schedule will cause you to miss an opportunity for the personal relationship you’ve been hoping will develop. During this stressful time, do not let fatigue and distraction lead to accidents. If you are beginning a new relationship, do not become enamored to the point of excluding everything or everyone else in your life. Your efforts will be rewarded in more ways than one, but remember to set aside time for yourself to regroup and re-center. Listen to your intuition.

 The Moon

This time of endings and beginnings will be trying mentally, physically and spiritually. As with all endings and beginnings there is disappointment, disillusionment and mangled feelings. The recompense you are paid will hardly seem adequate for all you’ve been through. Through all the unforeseen changes and unexpected happenings, attempt to walk the middle of the road to avoid the peaks and valleys of the emotions associated with times of change. Be sure to look for the lessons and the balance, and you will find a new you coming out the other side.

Brother Russell & My Grandpap Edd Bittinger



Transformation, Healing, Life Energy

Work to shed your old ways of tearing down others to build yourself up. You will see the healing in both you and those around you when you come to terms with that which you carry inside, lancing festering wounds and allowing them to drain and heal. Shedding the old leads to fertility in the new.


Humility, Cunning, God

‘Small is beautiful’ as in self-realization is not from grandeur or the appearance of power, but in humility, gentleness and subtlety. Cunning if tempered with humor and good intent along with honest use of others’ achievements is a good way to get much accomplished. Be careful that you do not begin to hide behind your gentle nature as to cause yourself to become invisible to those around you or to avoid facing reality. Be mindful of how you use your cunning that you do not proclaim as yours what has been wrought from the sweat of others. It is a thin path between benign and malignant.


Generosity, Nourishment, Discovery

It’s OK to enjoy the abundance and fertility of life, enjoy its beauty and delights without feelings of guilt. As you enjoy the fruits of your labors remember the checks and balances or you could find yourself becoming ‘piggish’ or greedy. Don’t judge others by their outward appearance but be patient and draw your conclusions from the whole of the person.


In this time of the changing of the year, it is imperative in these times of great change and chaos that we look inward to stand in our truths and balance so that we may project a sea of calm for those seeking guidance and shelter.

Reading of the Week for December 05, 2011


You feel hurt and slighted because a partner in work or love is ignoring you, not being honest with you or not honoring their commitments. There will be a delicate situation where you need to collect monies owed you. Information regarding finances will cause a chain reaction. Things on all levels seem to be transforming into something else and you’ll find yourself moving in a different direction…for the better.

Unforeseen or unexpected events are going to occur causing a variety of changes with a positive end in sight. Work on yourself. Let your demons out so they may be confronted. If you need validation or verification—ASK!

Queen of Cups

You want your work to mean something and you want to enlist someone to help you. Home or work could be very chaotic. Travel plans may be disrupted so you may want to reassess the reason for the plans. You tend to scatter yourself, but being around others helps ground you. Your focus will be on finding the answers and the guidance you need. Someone you counted on will disappoint you. A time to reflect on your spiritual side.

Seven of Shields

A situation or delay in progress will cause a reevaluation. A means of turning a negative situation positive will inadvertently be provided. Be mindful of relating your ideas to others. You’ll be disappointed that your plans are not progressing at the speed you want. You have what it takes you just need a hand up. Hang on, baby, help’s coming. Do not spread yourself too thin by jumping from idea to idea when things don’t move as fast as you think they should. Keep something back for later.


Grandma & Grandpap with My Father, Uncles & Aunt


 The Star

The focus is on faith, future, and what can be. You want to find or regain your sense of meaning, inspiration or purpose. People will offer insights on what you need to know. Paperwork that will connect the past and present will flesh out details. There is an emotional link or spiritual tie to someone that even if you wanted to walk away…you cannot. Follow what you know to be true for yourself and rewards will follow.

Four of Cups

You will put an end to things that serve no purpose or go nowhere. No matter what things look like now, there are still ways to succeed. Take care of yourself first. Some of your goals will be accomplished, but you will still be ‘wanting’ emotionally.

Page of Shields

You will be disappointed in the results you’d hope to see in an endeavor, but don’t abandon the project. The clearing of a snag could get it back on track. Physical problems could be brought on by your inability to say what you need to say or hear what’s being said to you. Be willing to listen to or act on new ideas. You won’t want something that isn’t ‘right’ no matter how much you want it, but you won’t give up until you have it the ‘right’ way.


Reading of the Week November 28, 2011


You feel if you continue as you have been without relief that you will explode. You desire change so badly you may find that it manifests and you get what you want, but not without consequences. The stress of the situation may cause a chronic health condition to reoccur. You’re going to have to work to maintain emotional balance and not let your temper get the best of you.

There will be a financial success on a project, but not the windfall you anticipated. A time of change, transformation, chaos and new beginnings. Confront you fears head-on, and always ask for clarification if even the slightest question arises in a matter.

Moderation, patience, and diplomacy; learning to balance your passion and reason. Learning the art of bridging the spiritual and mundane worlds. Rigidity can stifle imagination.

Queen of Swords

Loss, isolation, delay of plans causes physical and mental upheaval. You need to maintain an island of calm in the confusion, depend on yourself to steer clear of disappoint when others don’t do as they promise. Learn to occasionally relinquish logic for intuition, continue to do the right thing until what you need to know is revealed.

Seven of Cups

Don’t let conditions, appearances, or what others have to say sway you or cause you to veer from your ideals. What you want is waiting for you. Attend to details be sure to get things in writing to avoid confusion. When you reach a point where you don’t feel capable of succeeding, someone or something will appear that will help you on your way. Temper fantasy with practicality and effort if you want hopes and dreams to become reality.

Maternal Grandfather Paul Uber


King of Cups

The focus is on activities centering around the home or business you can do from home. You may find yourself in a situation to promote yourself or business, but there may be unexpected obstacles. You want to make it with your own business or work from home. There will be a new direction that will facilitate that wish.

You may be looking for a way out of your present relationship because you feel you’re being mistreated.

Don’t overindulge in food or drink as a crutch.

Before agreeing to anything having to do with your business be sure all negotiations, financial agreements and transactions are thoroughly completed to avoid misunderstandings. Success will come by maintaining your personal integrity.

Do not let the isolation of your work insulate or alienate you from the world.

Queen of Cups

You will feel scattered as opposition; discord and disputes will arise at home or work. You may be forced to change or postpone plans. Keep your attitude in check to keep from escalating emotional situations. People may not ‘get’ you, but there will be someone who will utilize your talents. Now is the time to work on your intuition and truly listening to your ‘inner voice.’

Nine of Cups

Don’t resign yourself to ‘that’s the way it is and it will never change’. Don’t make premature evaluations. Changes in plans may be caused when something better comes along. Problems with contracts so make sure everything is in order before signing.

Sometimes you feel like a lost soul, fighting a lost cause, but you will have success in attaining what you want but it may take a different form than what you envisioned.

Reading for the Week of November 20, 2011

Knight of Cups

Situations are coming in or going out. Sudden change in long-term conditions or situations.

Movement, moving, leaving home, entering new worlds. Changing environments will ease existing tensions and loneliness.

Pay attention. Lack of focus could lead to accidents. Frustration from unfulfilled desires; but an opportunity could present itself that will see you branching out into new and untried areas.

Short trips for pleasure will help ease stress and tension allowing you to tap into yet unused resources. Go out into the world for there is something or someone with a message waiting for you.

Ace of Swords

Keywords with this card this week is tension, frustration, pressure in all corners of your life. Don’t blow yourself up. Work to keep your cool.

A period of communications related pressure and anxiety that could lead to explosive situations. Tensions from family could intensify your own stress levels.

You want satisfaction in your chosen career, and someone will express an interest in your work and maybe move that interest into your personal space.

Strong emotions come to the forefront in business and personal relationships. Frustration and tension all around you, but don’t let it get to you, it will ease shortly.

Despite the odds you are going to get what you need. You’re on course. Don’t be diverted by fripperies. This period of tension will soon ease and you will find yourself back in balance with a new sense of clarity.

Page of Spears

Major moves and changes, clearing up loose ends and finishing projects in order for your move to be clean and uncluttered, leaving you feeling exhausted and overworked. You need to be prepared for the unexpected for it could add to your load. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking you’re not doing enough, you will only exhaust  yourself further and turn your anxiety into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Be careful of your health. Wrapping up your old life and preparing for your new can overwhelm you physically and mentally. Do your due diligence. Do not rush blindly ahead with proper preparation, and don’t accept mediocrity. In the matters of the heart—stop trying to resurrect the dead.

Violet (nee Fazenbaker) & Paul Uber


Problems, problems, problems. Everywhere you look this week there seems to be problems that require your attention whether it be at home or work, financial or spiritual.

Take time to step out of the realm of your ‘real world’ for short periods of time to recharge your spiritual self.

People may come to you with things that look like a quick fix to your problems—do your homework! The ancestors pulled out the clichés for this one. The devil is in the details. Act in haste, repent in leisure. Listen to the voice in your head. If your intuition tells you it’s wrong—it probably is.

Accept help from others. You will be coming to a place where the experience and knowledge of someone else will be needed to keep the ball rolling.

Plan the work and work the plan to accomplish your goals.

Greetings H20 Family, 

Spiritual Guide Cards Of The Week: 

Gabrielle: You have an important life purpose involving communication, and the arts. Please don’t allow insecurities to hold you back.

Opal: Your children here on earth, and the ones that have passed to the next level of life are cared for, and being watched over.

Isabella: Yes! The timing is right for this new venture. A happy outcome follows your POSITIVE expectations

Message From My Ancestors:

There’s a situation where you feel like you’re left out or being kept in the dark; things going over one’s head.

One should confront reality when it comes to your job and how you are being treated, and your sense of happiness.  A boss or superior figure in your life is very bossy; superiority complex. Because of these ways of thinking you and others are being taken for granted, treated like slave labor, and are VERY unappreciated. You really need to examine this, and not keep silent. This is stifling your growth, and this adds to your feelings of frustration. You know that there is more to life, but you have chosen to ignore it.

KNOW THIS:  You see things others don’t, thus your intuition is very keen. Use that knowledge and listen to your heart in reference to the action that needs to be taken on the job front. Remember: because this individual is full of themselves they have a certain perception about the “slave labor” so when dealing with the situation flip the energy of the situation, and flip the energy that they are giving you; challenge the stereotype of the way you are perceived. Do not give up when trying to communicate your point of view to the parties involved. The other side of the coin in this situation is this, This is not an issue that is new on the job front. Ask yourself, Is this job my life’s purpose?

Self: You have been stubborn in the past about changing certain aspects of self. You want to have positive changes in your life, but how can you do that fully if you don’t change the way you perceive? Release the fear, panic, and stop playing it safe when it comes to change, there is no short cut, and or fast track; JUST DO IT! If you dig deep into yourself you will see that you do have the courage to overcome negative emotions such as anger, and depression, or particular situations that seem to keep you captive.  The question remains: is the situation keeping you captive, OR are you responsible for keeping yourself captive? One needs to accept the things we can’t change, and change the things we can, and recognize the difference. Put your negative behavior to positive use, and remember to give yourself unconditional love, and nurturing in this process; be patient with self. You will see that these changes will bring many gifts to your life. The goal is to be a more nurturing, affectionate, and nature -loving with self, and others. It’s best to work on these things now rather than later because the universe has a funny way of forcing people to change their negative behaviors, so act now while it’s voluntary to change rather than by force.

You’re not stopping to smell the roses; not appreciating life, and some are unconsciously expecting plans to backfire; unwittingly sabotaging oneself. Recognize that the limitations that you are putting forth are of your own making.

Something/someone from the past will be rearing its head this week because there are issues that have not been fully resolved, and or closed completely. If this is a person be careful because they have ulterior motives, and are being falsely sweet. This is not new, and this is why it’s returning to your attention because you haven’t detached yourself, cutting the umbilical cut, gained independence from this individual/situation. Maybe it’s been hard to release because of your memories, and being held hostage to the past, but remember some of those memories ended in ruin, and disappointment. One needs to forgive others, and to let go of a grudge, and release, thus eliminating baggage no longer needed. Stop holding on to baggage that is no longer needed………

Other Things To Ponder: Being pulled in two directions; being caught in a triangular relationship; equating love to quality time.

Regretting something said- as in the expression “Open Mouth, insert foot”- or unsaid (Keep the Heat down with your mouth :>)

Mean-spiritedness, negative comments designed to lower someone’s stature; gossip

Reading For The Week of November 14, 2011

Seven of Shields

You see all your projects and ideas stretching out before you, but are anxious and stressed over what seems to be a lack of progress. Be mindful of the information you give to others or you may wake to find your ideas in someone else’s hands.

Something that seemed undoable will again seem possible when another’s offhanded remarks strike a chord in you.

Remember, ‘the only way to eat a bear is one bite at a time’.

Be careful not to overload your already full plate of projects as stress from unfinished business could affect your health and well-being.

Keywords during this time: Patience, restraint and perseverance.

Page of Swords

Unexpected developments and occurrences in personal relationships.  You may be put in what seems to be an untenable situation, but you make it work, easing the pressure of the situation. Previous obstructions will begin to break down giving you a chance for a fresh start…a token of better things to come.

Information will become available that will keep you hanging on the knot at the end of your rope. The ‘real’ truth of an uncomfortable situation will be revealed causing a most satisfactory outcome. 

The Fool

You want to begin something new hoping a change of scenery will bring about a miracle  that will solve your present circumstances. Don’t run off on wild goose chases. A project that has been completed could dovetail into something along the same lines, but better.

Do not become a rider on the emotional rollercoaster. You have to consciously work to maintain a cool head in emotionally charged situations.

The end result rests on your head and in your hands.

Paternal Great Great


Listen to your intuition (spirit guides, egun, i.e. ancestors) and let them steer your course. In time you will understand why you had to go through all those trials and tribulations.

Don’t let fear and impatience blind and deafen you. All will be revealed when it is time, but in the meantime don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Don’t blame yourself for the fault of others as their ethics are not yours. Problems caused by others can be overcome leaving you with greater skills and abilities.

Problems will be resolved one by one as this cycle comes to an end and another is about to begin. Take care of today and let tomorrow take care of itself.

Greetings H20 Family,

Spiritual Guide Cards Of The Week 

Crystal: Have faith and hope because there is something positive, and new on the horizon that you can’t see yet

Astara: You deserve the best! Reach for the stars with your dreams and desires, and don’t compromise

Rosetta: You have a gift working with young people, and your divine purpose involves helping, teaching, or parenting children.

Message From My Ancestors

Something from the past has returned into your life as apart of a pattern, this is because you have mistakenly thought that the door was closed on a past event. Are you, or someone from your past seeking forgiveness? Remember we can’t forgive others unless we forgive ourselves first, and do it in an authentic way. You can’t forgive and rehash old feelings you have to forgive fully. That doesn’t mean that you forget…You use the information provided to you by the situation as a tool for growth.

Are you a good caretaker of yourself or are you the caretaker of others more than you should? Sometimes when we are the caretakers of others to an extreme, individuals begin to depend on you for survival. This also apply’s in the reverse. Support is good, BUT sometimes one has to back away so individuals can learn from the road that their on.

Other Things To Ponder

Depression, possibly requiring therapy, Feeling trapped options seeming unclear. Issues that stem from childhood; subconscious childhood beliefs impacting life choices. Needing to review one’s map of belief’s. Potential for spiritual birth, great awakening. Possessing great faith having No fear!Confidence, nerve, and courage.


Massive devastation; a destructive force affecting many


Finding the wrong partner-not your prince charming, this can be in reference to someone that you have just met, and or a realization that one could have when you have already partnered with another for a period of time. Pay attention to your internal tracking system in reference to this situation.



Putting the competition at ease; being well liked

Reaping rewards for past good deeds

An ally, a champion (on your behalf)

Networking; connections

Underserving of a reputation; being misunderstood


Seek more adventure, If you desire more spice to your life, GO FOR IT USING DISCERNMENT!

Reading For The Week of November 7th

Reading For The Week Of November 7

Queen of Cups

Discordant energy in the home and workplace. The emotional turmoil from last week carries over into this week. Plans have to be rearranged as your mundane life is in a state of flux.

Those who are in tune with the metaphysical side of life will find it contains new and exciting things that may come to play in everyday life.

In the workplace, people will not be interested in what you are selling, but someone you meet there could be interested in you romantically.

If your stress levels have been high, be careful of your health.

Someone will soon be coming into your life that will give you the answers or guidance for which you’ve been seeking.

Someone you counted on for support will not be able to help you.

You’re feeling scattered and out of sync with everyone and everything.

People won’t understand your ideas or see things the way you do, but there will be someone that will give you the opportunity to utilize your skill and talents.

Things take a turn toward the spiritual and esoteric. What you couldn’t see before will be revealed. If you work in the metaphysical realm you may find your abilities to ‘see and hear’ enhanced.

8 Swords

There is a feeling of oppression, restriction or of being ‘boxed’ in.

On a mundane level it may be time to change your place or line of work.

On a spiritual level you are in a protective box so you won’t be distracted from your path.

You may be caught off guard by problems with your health and other sudden handicaps.

You may need to take a time out to recharge mentally and physically, and remove yourself from a situation where you feel trapped in a negative cycle.

Choose your friends with great discrimination.

Situations brought about by others will cause high levels of stress.

Someone who left will find that the ‘grass was not greener’ and may wish to return to the fold.

Don’t let your fears bind you to people or places.


Communication will be hard because you feel scattered, intolerant or critical of others, but this also motivates you to make yourself clearly understood.

You feel you are in a holding pattern and feel unable to make the changes you want in your life, but learning to ‘let go’ and intuit what you need to do will go a long way in alleviating the stress you now feel.

You are overloaded mentally and need to step back and let things play out. You’re in a period of reorientation where you have to regain your balance mentally and physically.

This may cause delays but the promise is there for fut

Great Grandfathers

 Message From My Ancestors

Things are not going to be easy, so keep trying.

Your relationships are a reflection of your relationship with self. To improve one you must honestly look to the other. Trust yourself.

Things may be improving financially, but don’t let that loosen your purse strings. The best gifts are those from the heart.

Though this is a time of re-uniting with friends and family, you may find yourself frustrated as the road you have been traveling leads you to shed people and things you no longer need, and cleave to those that support the person you are now.

Things are working faster than you think and your mountains will soon become mole hills.

Reading For The Week From OmoYemaya



 DANIEL: Guiding individuals through marriage/s.( Note: this can be a break-up, or the gaining of a new marriage. This also includes partnerships business, friendship etc) 

ISAIAH:  It’s a good time to give birth to new ideas, and situations in your life. You are being guided, and protected during these changes. 

ROCHELLE: As you honor, and follow the guidance of your heart, prosperity will come your way. 

Message From My Ancestors

For individuals that are drama kings/ queens and have a tendency to blow things out of proportion be careful because this week you will get called out, and in a way that you were not expecting. It’s a full moon and emotions are high, so tolerance levels will be quick to break. For what has been accepted in the past will not be acceptable at this time.

Individuals, communities, and humanity is experiencing  massive devastation; and destructive forces that will affect many. For some, this may be stomach turning/disgusting, and you may think you will not survive, BUT you will. Now is the time to master the fundamentals before proceeding into anything, so one doesn’t miss important steps on the journey. Living in the now with a detachment from negative/past experiences, and future expectations will be key.

Learn to respect yourself, and others.

Examine being a perfectionist, being highly critical, one’s inner judge.

Feeling cursed, a run of bad luck. Good, and bad news; VICTORY AFTER STRUGGLE