Creating Sacred Space

How’s the energy in your space

I’ve been thinking a lot about our spaces lately – in many ways they’ve become more important to us than ever, and a place where many of us are now spending most of our time (or not enough).

The space we live in is an energetic extension of ourselves. What affects us will affect the energy of our space (and vice versa).

In a time when we’ve seen a dramatic increase in fear, stress, uncertainty, and an outpouring of negativity, the more we can hold ourselves + our spaces sacred, the more we all benefit.

While we may all know the importance of clearing the energy of our space, it bears reminding, especially given that some may be feeling too overwhelmed or tired to prioritize it (it’s been my experience that this is when we most need to do it).

I’m linking here a couple of articles I’ve written on how to clear your spacecrystals that can help clear your space, and also, tips on how to energetically protect yourself in your sleep, as sleep disruptions are on the rise…

I’ve also included below a post that my esteemed friend Nicholas Pepe wrote yesterday on creating sacred space before and after distance healing sessions.

Whether you’re giving or receiving a distance healing session, I strongly encourage you to adopt the below practices (if you haven’t already).

Also, today is the last day to enroll in Nicholas’ Distance Healing Certification at the Crystalline Academy!

If any of you healers out keep feeling nudged towards taking this course, I strongly encourage you to sign up.

It’s self-paced, so you can start now, or in January. You can accelerate through the program, or take your time. What you can’t do is sign up at another time, because as of right now it’s not on the 2021 program schedule!

So if you’d like to learn from a master in this modality, now is the time.

Keep holding yourselves and each other sacred.


Sweet blessings to you,


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