Brew a cup of calming tea and enjoy it!

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Making a good herbal tea blend is a profoundly simple art; it involves a few guidelines and a generous dash of creativity. 

Steps to creating the perfect herb tea blend:
* Start with an idea of what flavor and/or feeling your wish to create
* Know the flavor and properties of each of the individual herbs you are using in the blend.
* Blend for beauty, aroma, and harmonized flavors.  Mix the herbs according to taste, color, and texture.  Use primary flavors as the foundation of the blend, then add and harmonize with the secondary flavors, aromas and textures.
* When your blend looks just right and smells delicious,  give it the all-important taste test.   Have a pot of water boiling.  Make a sample cup of tea and test for flavor, color, texture, and aroma.  Adjust flavors.

All that’s needed to make a good pot of herbal tea is water…

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