New Moon — What to Look Out For

Dear all,
New Moon will be exact on Monday, September 8th just a few minutes before midnight (EST)! However, we will be feeling its effects throughout the day Monday and Tuesday.
This New Moon is positioned exactly at 15 degrees in Libra. So not only is it in the sign representing balance but it is at the exact fulcrum, –or balancing point — of the scales, a symbol of Libra.
What does that mean?

Everything related to the traits of Libra, both positive and negative, will be amplified. On the one hand, we can come across charm and diplomacy, and on the other encounter indecisiveness and detachment.
This is further complicated by the Venus retrograde as well as the tense aspect that this New Moon makes to Pluto, which can bring out some ancient stuff regarding personal and intimate relationships. Whatever that “ancient stuff” is for you — know that you’ll very likely need to face it now.
Like always, every time something like this comes up, it presents us with an opportunity to resolve it once an for all.
So here is what you can do:
1) Use Sage to clear the air — physically and figuratively
2) Carry Green Tourmaline (can be substituted with Peridot) to protect and strengthen your heart and so you can speak from the heart and minimize manipulation and control issues, which are possible with this configuration
3) Read or listen to talks on the art of negotiation
4) Find a way to give both to yourself and to your partner
Additionally, you can carry Black Obsidian and Smoky Quartz throughout those two days.
Events in the Hampton Roads area:
Sacral Chakra Class — Oct 11, 8pm at CadeFit in Yorktown
Solar Plexus Chakra Class — Oct 18, 8pm at CadeFit in Yorktown
Crystals, Elements, Ancestors Workshop — Oct 20, 3pm to 7pm , Williamsburg
Crystal Reiki Level 1 Certification Class — Oct 27, 9:30 am to 3:00 pm, Williamsburg
Deepening Your Intuition — November 3rd, 4pm to 6pm, Williamsburg
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Till then, stay healthy and happy!!
Brana Mijatovic, Ph.D.

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