Our Mountain Home Welcomes Preston Fest

ImageImageWedneday, May 1st at 8pm edt; Miss Paula and Our Mountain Home welcome Daniel Witter.

Daniel Witter is the organizer of this year’s Preston Fest, a musical festival fund raiser, for the Bobby Preston Memorial Fund. 

Preston Fest is held at the Frostburg Community Park, June 15, 11:30 am to 10 pm. Located at 200 South Water Street, Frostburg, Maryland

A new addition to the 2013 festival is the New Leaf Holistic Village.

New Leaf will provide many opportunities to expand festival attendees knowledge of a wide array of topics–holistic health, wellness and spirituality through exhibits and free workshops. New Leaf will also feature intuitive and psychic readers, energy balancing, spiritual mediums, specialty organic products, and unique one-of-a-kind gifts.

The most satisfying part of the New Leaf experience is festival goers becoming acquainted with the speakers, workshop presenters, and vendors.

Preston Fest welcomes everyone to The New Leaf Village, and hopes you have a very enlightening experience!

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Stories From Gold Camp

Gold ShowOro Expeditions Blk

Join us, April 30th at 8pm edt on Oro Expeditions And Then Some… as Oro Cas And Miss Paula along with some of their new found friends from Coker Creek, Tennessee, regale you with updates on Expedition ’13’s adventures from gold camp, stories from the Eastern Gold Rush of the 1800’s, and the government’s plans to shut down all gold mining operations in the state of Tennessee by the year 2015.

You’ll be caught up in the natural wonders of our National Forests, regaled with tales of the ‘old days’ and angry at one more attempt by the government to force us out of the wild areas of OUR state and national parks.

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If you’re ever in or around Coker Creek, Tennessee be sure to stop in and see Bill and Marsha at Bill’s Pit Stop of Coker Creek. Tell ’em KDCL Media sent you.

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Meet Us At The Crossroads

Dr RavenDr. E

Monday 8pm edt, Candelo’s Corner Presents Conjure At The Crossroads.

KDCL Media & Candelo’s Corner offer a SPECIAL gift to our faithful listeners. In celebration of the second anniversary of Candelo’s Corner tonight we welcome a lineup of talented diviners.

Tata ConjureMan Ali using the traditional divination tools of Kimbanda.

Dr. E, The Conjure Doctor will read ‘dem bones’ and Tarot.

Tata Candelo Kimbisa will be using the traditional divinatory tools  of Palo to pass along the messages from his own nfumbe to you.

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Time Of Celebration

Egun Run Spring is a time for anniversaries at KDCL Media. KDCL Media celebrates three years of broadcasting on BlogTalkRadio, and Candelo’s Corner with Host Candelo Kimbisa is celebrating its second year as part of our line-up.

As part of our celebrations, Miss Paula will hosting readings on Egun And Then Some… on Sunday, April 14th at 8pm edt. On Monday, April 15th at 8pm edt, Tata Candelo will be double teaming with Miss Paula on Candelo’s Corner.

Some changes have been happening to the KDCL Media line-up visit our website at KDCL Media Presents to see what’s brewing.

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