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I have a confession to make.  I have never been to a book festival or convention or other celebration of books.  Not as a reader, certainly not as a writer.  Some of the reasons for this are fundamental issues of who I am, namely the agoraphobic part of who I am.  Large crowds, even mediocre crowds in small spaces make me sweat, palpitate, hyperventilate and ultimately need to leave quickly unless I do an awful lot of prep work first.

So, when I show up on Sunday, June 4th at Civic Center Park in Berkeley, California, I will be attending my first event.

babf_logo The Bay Area Book Festival is in it’s third year, and while I’d love to be able to attend some of the talks and such on Saturday, I have other obligations.  But come Sunday morning, I will load up my cart with books and a table cloth (reminder to self, get a tablecloth), my tablet and credit cart doohicky plus a bunch of water and snacks for the day, and I will BART myself into Berkeley and find my assigned place in the park for the day.

Of course, I hope to sell enough books to break even on the day, but beyond that, my hope is that I can keep my agoraphobic anxiety down and that I get to meet new folks, talk about my books and other books.  I’d love to meet readers who are passionate about what they read and love.  I’d also love to meet fellow authors who are passionate about what they write and love.

If it isn’t too much to hope for, I’m going to hope that some of my friends and family come out to see me too.  It isn’t every day an author gets to do their first event like this…and if I’m being truthful, maybe having someone watch my table for a bit while I look around would be awesome too.

So, if you’re somewhere in the San Francisco Bay area and fancy some book loving come Sunday, June 4th, you should hope on BART and take yourself to the Berkeley Civic Center station.  The park is just a short walk away.

I won’t be too hard to find.  I’ll be the author with green hair, probably wearing a fedora or other hat, and possibly a Star Wars shirt, depending on my mood.  Come Say HI!

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Our Mountain Home Welcomes Preston Fest

ImageImageWedneday, May 1st at 8pm edt; Miss Paula and Our Mountain Home welcome Daniel Witter.

Daniel Witter is the organizer of this year’s Preston Fest, a musical festival fund raiser, for the Bobby Preston Memorial Fund. 

Preston Fest is held at the Frostburg Community Park, June 15, 11:30 am to 10 pm. Located at 200 South Water Street, Frostburg, Maryland

A new addition to the 2013 festival is the New Leaf Holistic Village.

New Leaf will provide many opportunities to expand festival attendees knowledge of a wide array of topics–holistic health, wellness and spirituality through exhibits and free workshops. New Leaf will also feature intuitive and psychic readers, energy balancing, spiritual mediums, specialty organic products, and unique one-of-a-kind gifts.

The most satisfying part of the New Leaf experience is festival goers becoming acquainted with the speakers, workshop presenters, and vendors.

Preston Fest welcomes everyone to The New Leaf Village, and hopes you have a very enlightening experience!

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