Contemplating Death


Most people do not want to think about death.  They fear it.  Some think that death is the beginning of nothingness, while most others think that they are going to heaven or hell.  With the crazy rules of dogmatic religion, we are all going to hell. They were designed that way for control.   Before patriarch religion, the ancients periodically contemplated death, but it was only to spark life into the individual.  Most of the ancients text refer to one living many lives, but you only get this life once.  

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All Hallows Eve – 3 Days of the Dead & Beyond..

The Witch & Walnut

halloween nightHappy Halloween Everyone! I wish you all a wonderful night and wish you well for the remainder of the season that is now upon us. Tonight is a highly celebrated day for most Witches. To some it is a New Year and others welcome the dead, open doors and set a place at their tables for their ancestors.

The actual “celebration” of the dead lasts 3 days for my particular tribe. In fact I started my decent and workings in September and will continue well into November. During this time we typically take personal time to honor, connect and celebrate those whom have come before us.  Think about what that means to you and how you want to honor the other side. The side we will all be on one day.

This is the dying season, and tonight marks a peak in that season but don’t forget that its not…

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KDCL Media Round-up The Week of June 24th

An interesting week of June 24th at the studios of KDCL Media, beginning with Egun And Then Some…. Miss Paula talks about her view around the county, and a little bit of the country as well. . Excerpts on Mountain Top Removal, Residents of nearby towns being featured on Maryland Public Television, Mountain Heroes, and a whole lot more.

Our special guest on Candelo’s Corner, is J. Thorp or Necromantia as she’s known on her blog, Ordinary Life in the Arcane Arts. We’ll be discussing, Necrosophy, Demonolatry, and Death.

Turn The Page, you never know what’s going to be on the tip of tongues. So far there’s been states’ rights vs. federal government, medical marijuana, and any other juicy tidbits that comes across the RSS feeds.

On Wednesday there is no one more opinionated than an Over The Road driver talking about the view from their office behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer.

Thursday and Friday, Door To The Mind and After Dark should be getting back on track with live shows since Miss Paula and Dia Nunez from The H20 Network have paused in their travels.

Check out the rest of the week’s shows on our Internet radio page KDCL Media Presents, or at our home page for KDCL Media. Things change fast ’round here, so always check-in.

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