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Waning Crescent

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The waning crescent moon phase is an excellent time to banish negativity, get rid of bad habits and generally remove the unwanted from your life.

As the moon gets smaller and smaller your magick can follow this negative magickal trend by using the waning forces.

When the sun only illuminates a sliver of the moon watch the shrinking moon until you feel its call and do your magick as appropriate.

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Triskelion Celtic Symbol Meaning — Thrive On News Free Spirituality Magazine

The triskelion, learn the spiritual Celtic and esoteric meanings of the triple spiral, how it is used for meditation and more. by psychic medium Ian Scott

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Egyptian Ankh Symbol Meaning — Thrive On News Free Spirituality Magazine

The secrets and mysteries of the ancient Egyptian symbol the ankh learn its spiritual and metaphysical meanings, by psychic medium Ian Scott

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Energy Healing and Healer Guidelines

Everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs about this topic, so in this as with all things having to do with your physical and energetic health, do you own due diligence.

Elder Mountain Dreaming @ gmail

Having been an Energy Healer since 1998, I have a lot of experience being both a healer and having gotten many energy healers by different types of energy healers. I want to share the different types of energy that works well with each body and also the rules and guidelines to find a good healer who practices what they preach. There are many energy healing practices out there with many different names and knowing which energy ones goes with the mental and emotional is key to successful healing that is both powerful and has greater success in releases. For example if you use a Pranic (a mental energy body) type of energy healing (which are called many different names today) on the emotional body, it will take ten times longer for this energy which is for the mental body, to do any good on the emotional body.

I have divided…

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Water Charms

A great addition to your spiritual toolbox.

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The Healing Waters and it’s uses for Spaces, Cleansing and Intentions by Phoenix of Elder Mountain –  As Artists, Healers, Dreamers, Magicians, Witches, Druids and Moon Children, we deserve a clear and clean space spiritually. In our busy lives many do mind-body practices like yoga or meditation to balance our busy life, but there is something missing. These are the emotional body rituals which assist us in feeling calm in a non-physical and non-thought way and one which reconnect us back to ancient times. These are the ‘water’ rites which are a spiritual tradition of our emotional health.

Intense energy from inside the self or from life itself, can energetically let chaos into our personal lives or our living area which can make our home, place of work all statically charged. Even extra feelings of stress when there is not the flow of water. For those who live on a…

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Fox Totem & Dream Symbols

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Fox Listens by JenloFox people and foxes are very unique, they are cunning, instinctual in their feminine physique, quick witted, changeable with the seasons, those soul stares eyes that are piercing or loving with a softer edge. They are also intuitive and energetic (magnetic field) hunters of small animals like shrews, rats and rodents – all mixed together in their bag of trix called magical medicine…

Lifestyle: Foxes are loners and independent types, and as a totem, this means if you see a fox in your  waking life, its a meaningful sign from life to be alone right now  and try to make it a beautiful experience. It can play out many ways, a decision that is yours alone in a relationship or a business decisions or a choice to make about being independent or more independent through your actions.

If you are in the middle of a fallout with a relationship or…

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Brother Ash on Candelo’s Corner


Monday, January 14 at 8pm est Candelo Kimbisa welcomes Brother Ash to Candelo’s Corner.

Brother Ash, a sorcerer based out of Richmond, Virginia, works with Hoodoo, which was learned from his mother, who learned it from her grandmother from Mississippi. He “works with both hands”.

A “straight no chaser” type of magician, his primary focus in practice and for his blog is results based sorcery. He experiments and if it works he keep it, if it doesn’t he tweaks it until it does or move on. Results are what matter.

The aim is to do his best to present his views on the art of sorcery and give clear instruction on methods that can be reproduced by those willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work.

HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR  Many have heard of High John the Conqueror root, but did you know that High John is also a spirit that you can petition directly?


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