Recommended Crystal Healing Practices for December

We’ve made it to the last month of 2020, but while the Decembers of years passed may have invited reflection and celebration, the vibe of this December feels more to me like one of continued uncertainty, exhaustion, and trepidatious curiosity of what 2021 may bring.

If it holds true that we are indeed in a holographic Universe, and that our thoughts, intentions, and energy are what help to co-create our reality, then how we are aligned and empowered matters more than ever.

The thing is, when it comes to shifting our energy during fraught or fearful times, we usually need some help. 

How do we stay connected with our light, and in alignment with our soul’s highest guidance + radiance in these times?

I’ve been guided to share the crystal practices and guidance below to help us do just that.

For those of you who have known or followed me for a while, you know that I first came to crystal healing through my own pain and darkness. It was healing work with them that pulled me through, helped to make me who I am now.

I have relied on them even more this year, and they have been stalwart healers, guides, and companions. May working with them continue to help light your way and bless your life, as they have mine.


Crystal Reading for December 2020 – YouTube
This month’s crystals are dravite (brown tourmaline), chrysoprase, and pyrite.

An interesting combination because they all resonate with the heart + lower chakras, which points to embodiment, grounding, growth, physical healing, and affecting change in our daily lives.

Dravite’s message was optimistic in terms of growth and recovery.
Chrysoprase reminded us to take heart, and to realign our feelings and perspective with the highest possible good.
And pyrite’s message encouraged us to put empowering structures of support in our daily lives and routines.

Watch the video for the full reading and the details for this month’s energy!

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