What went wrong with truck driver training?

The government and the companies don’t want drivers with years of experience because they know too much.


Over the last few months I have been noticing a larger number of photos surfacing on the internet of trucks in precarious position due to driver error. The two most common types of photo I see are those involving a driver who misjudged a turn and ran over something with the trailer tires, the other type is bridge strikes.Truck turns 1

With the rise of the types of incidents comes a peak in interest as to why they are happening. If a driver is cutting their turns improperly then there certainly must be a reason, if a driver is hitting bridges then there must also be a reason. These things led me to question if drivers are getting enough training, if they are being screened prior to being accepted to a training school and if they are being trained  by individuals who are qualified to do so.

All a person has to…

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