After Dark with Viktor Aurelius & Jeff Niles

After Dark at 8pm edt & 6pm mdt on KDCL Media & The H20 Network with guests Viktor Aurelius & Jeff Niles

Jeff Niles and Viktor Aurelius have just completed the first season of their Audio Drama Lilith’s Children. Angels, Demons, Vampires, creatures of light and darkness are all brought together to battle a single being who wishes to enslave the world under his control.

Jeff Niles has been a stage actor with his own Theatre Company for many years. His voice acting talents have been heard in a multitude of productions over the past nine years, from his own productions on The 4077th Productions for the last four years of which he is best known as the Master Detective in his Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes to working with Dream Real Enterprises and many other Audio Production Companies.

Viktor Aurelius, the 2000 Year Old Vampire who hosts Whispers in the Dark  recites poetry, writes, directs and produces his own Audio Dramas. Most recently his 10-part series Lilith’s Children and voicing characters in many other productions kept him busy, but he is hard at work on several new productions that he and Jeff Niles will release very soon.