KDCL Media Roundup Week of July 8th

Two weeks after the ‘super derecho’ storms there are still thousands of people in and around KDCL Media, without power. Some of the stories hit close to home. A good friend broke both the bones in her ankle and had to have them plated, hauling drinking water from a nearby spring after their power being off over a week. Thousands of pounds and dollars worth of stored food ruined.

Egun And Then Some…. Great discussion with Tata Malik Kimbiza and Tata Candelo Kimbisa about Egun, Palo, and how and why the Diaspora Traditional Religions began to overlap.

Candelo’s Corner, The Tatas—Candelo Kimbisa, Malik Kimbiza, and Elias discussed Nfumbe and their relationship with the priest and priestess of the Palo tradition. We had great questions from our chat room and callers. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the show.

Turn The Page, you never know what’s going to be on the tip of tongues. Now we have executive orders allowing the President to take control of the food, water, fuel supplies, wired and wireless airwaves,  the attempts to dismantle the Constitution, medical marijuana, and any other juicy tidbits that comes across the wires.

On Wednesday there is no one more opinionated than an Over The Road truck driver talking about the view from their office windshield behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer.

Ride with Sneaky Snake and Lil’ Pete over at KDCL Media on YouTube. Climb in the passenger seat of Lil’ Pete and hold on tight. Always something new being posted.

Thursday and Friday Door To The Mind and After Dark will be Double Shots as Dia Nunez of The H20 Network dismantles the New York City Studio and ships it to the Mile High City, Denver, Colorado

Check out the rest of the week’s shows on our Internet radio page KDCL Media Presents, or at our home page for KDCL Media. Things change fast ’round here, so always check-in.

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Have a Safe & Blessed week,

Miss Paula

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