Astrorisa Moon ~ June New Moon

Written by Iya Olusoga ~ Bisi Ade
For Astrorisa Moon Forecaster
June 23, 2017
Cancer New Moon 2° in House 5
Sun in Cancer 2° in House 5
10:31 PM EDT


Over worked, making important decisions, balancing our emotions, proper timing, spiritual insight, cooperation, fanaticism, intense dreams, the home (comfort zone), fear, insecurity, a need to pay attention to red flags, healing, pleasures of life, and spiritual assistance.

Welcome to the Cancer New Moon
Welcome to the Cancer New Moon, Osupa titun fun Yemoja!! And Happy Summer Solstice to Everyone!! We have arrived at the 2nd cardinal season of the year. with another stellium (4 or more planets) in the sign of Cancer. Time for our 2nd renewal, and rejuvenation program to begin, what shall that look like? Only we can determine that, but we have until autumn to make some important changes for ourselves, so let’s get busy with this new moon time.
Cancer, an archetype of Yemoja is that part of our soul make-up that looks to care for our home base, it determines our needs, and gives attention to those aspects of ourselves and our relationships which require healing, repairing, even transforming. Cancer 2° delves into the great mysteries of life, and will explore its relationship to others; defining their harmony and balance. It does this to determine that relationship’s realism or its falsehood. Cancer 2° and its entire 1st Decan, is not easily fooled, because it is developing a very strong BS radar as it moves through the remaining 8°. House 5, the house of family members, personal interests, and personal pleasures is the house this moon currently resides in.
House 5 (Leo ruled) is a fixed energy, and Cancer is a cardinal energy, we can better identify our problems and are more likely willing to fix them. Also, with the moon’s placement in house 5, our collective consciousness is imprinted with messages for us to ‘sit back’, ‘relax’, and ‘discover’ what brings us emotional satisfaction. Don’t be surprised if that is what you seek at this time, ’emotional satisfaction.’ This lunar position will also have us thinking of ways to express our creativity, and engage in self-actualization. Our family, especially young members are likely to get more of our attention, this attention getting also applies to our pets. We can find ourselves wanting to spend more time doting on them, and relishing in their expressions of happiness and joy. Many emotional changes come with this moon time, including our own acts of self-expression. If you are normally hesitant in expressing your feelings, this Cancer Sun/ Moon time will crack, or break that silent mold for you. You’ll likely find yourself speaking more assuredly, and communicating without hesitation what you think, want, like, and don’t like. Anticipate your children doing the same…because everyone is “Big Mama” during this new moon time.
Important Dates: July 2nd & July 7th
July 2nd:  Up to this point, those who have had misunderstandings and miscommunication or fall outs with others may find it difficult to resolve those issues now. July 2nd is a day which brings many forms of blockages to our progress, and these obstructions intensify. People trying to join together, trying to make deals, and connections, are heavily blocked. This day has a strong Ogun energy manifesting within it. The late hours of 10:50 pm – 1 am have a reckless Ogun vibration.
 This day isn’t an auspicious date for the beginning of marriages or contracts. Get a reading before making a commitment of any kind. This date also brings with it, secret meetings which can lead to unfavorable outcomes, and information or letters of concern can arrive. The (+) aspects of this day is that what is currently troublesome, has a strong probability for resolution in the days or weeks to come. But have a witness when discussing or agreeing to anything.
June 12th pinnacle lunar date from the May 25th forecast running until June 22nd
June 12th pinnacle lunar date from the May 25th forecast running until June 22nd
Have a safe, comforting, healing, and an open road New Moon Time!

Gemini New Moon ~ Astrorisa Moon Forecaster

Written by Iya Olusoga ~ Bisi Ade

May 25, 2017
Gemini New Moon 4° in House 8
Sun in Gemini 4° in House 8
3:44 PM EDT

Planetary Energies
 Moon (Osupa / Yemoja),Sun (Orun / Orunmila, Olofi), Mercury (Esu-Elegbara), Mars (Ogun), Saturn (Obaluaiye), Uranus (Sango), Pluto (Oya), and Venus (Oshun).
 Duality, balance, conflict, reflection, development, effort, business growth, initiative, self control, delays, freedom from anxiety, a sense of purpose, and “knowing whether it’s black or red”.
Welcoming the New Moon (Osupa Titun) of Gemini, the archetype of both Ibeji and Esu. This forecasts runs from May 25th – June 22,2017.
This new moon brings with it expressions related to thought, mental clarity, confusion and discernment. We, for the next 28 days will focus much of our mental attention on forms of personal opportunities and the need to be sure of the best direction to take. It is through our ability to connect to our higher self that clear and sure answers come. This is the moon time to be aware and clear of what and who we are identifying and associating with. It is also a good idea to check one’s natal chart to determine where the signs Cancer, Gemini, Aries, and Aquarius are positioned, and what sign Mars resides in.
Some people will notice they and others are dialoguing a lot about what they want to receive, acquire, or achieve. We’re all thinking-thinking-and thinking some more, “is the glass 1/2 empty or 1/2 full”?
This overthinking or desire to have, can lead us towards impulsive decisions only if we’re not aware of what emotions / desires are triggering the thoughts in our heads.
This is also a moon time of “goading followers and unscrupulous leaders” those in positions of authority may set  false agendas, and each of us must decide if those set agendas  are relevant enough to accept and follow. Unfortunately, some people will be too enthralled to care about relevancy, thus becoming “blind followers.” This example is related to the Uranus expression, thus unexpected changes within our luck and opportunities will be happening. Uranus 26° in Aries in House 7.
The Yoruba say, the oldest Ibeji (twins) is kehinde (the 2nd born), and taiwo (the 1st born) comes to taste the world, then reports back to kehinde, Thus kehinde learns about the good and bitterness of aiye (world) from taiwo, and (kehinde) becomes wiser. We can use that analogy and apply it to the lunar messages for this moon time. We must turn back (inward) towards our higher self, which has learned all the mistakes and techniques which makes it the wiser. Through reconnecting to our higher self , our spiritual self, we also then become the wiser, knowing what “to taste” and if it’s safe to “enter the world.”
During This Moon Time
Gemini Moon / Sagittarius shadow side
Some people will notice a heightened awareness of reasoning happening for them, and others will become aware of the need to pay closer attention to their situation, though it may be challenging to do so. This moon time calls for a balancing between our emotions and our mental skills.
During this moon time creative mental exploration is in overdrive; there’s an enormous amount of Venus energy flowing. Yet this creative Venus/ Oshun is a bit afflicted being semi-square to both Moon and Sun. This means during this time Venus enhances the Uranus in Aries expression of “goading followers and unscrupulous leaders” because this Venus transit lessens some people’s will power.
For others this Venus transit causes internal creative conflicts, those who experience the scrutiny of others may give too much credence to their critics’ opinions, thus lessening their own value regarding their own work and ideas.
During this moon time some will travel more than they’ve previously done for the past 2 months. If we’re not mentally traveling, then there is physical traveling.
During this moon time, laziness can become an all-embracing issue. Due to mental and emotional exhaustion. Others at this time may choose to take a creative time out i.e secluding themselves to paint, draw, do yoga etc.
Others at this time may be drawn to water, having longer bath-shower time, going to the beach or lake, visiting water spas, receiving water massages etc. The mid-heaven (house 10) for this moon time is  14° Cancer, and we will be balancing the elemental energies of both water/ emotions (house 10) and air / mentality (Libra in house 1; sun-moon Gemini in house 8).
During this time some people will also fall in love with love, as they are connecting to another form of ”following” but again their connection is influenced by the position of Cancer. Then there are those who feel inspired to follow a new or once forgotten dream, connecting to the energies of ideas and idealism.
The Sagittarius shadow aspect of this moon time inspires us on some level to inquire or to be ready to discard something. To identify what possibly has left us feeling empty or unsatisfied about something. It compels us to either become courageous or to recognize a need to be mentally courageous and to go after what we want.
Important Dates:
June 3, 2017, Sun 13° Gemini / Moon 4° Libra, pushes our collective consciousness towards clearly understanding our moral positions and to hold firmly to it, though that stance will be challenged. This is a day when many people can lose their direction, their faith, and their moral compass breaks. This day is a day that points towards a “weakening of one’s own Spirit.” This is when the message of being swayed by others (those in authority) reaches its strongest influence. Here we must be careful not to aggressively say what is on our minds without careful deliberation. Rebellious acts aren’t favored, and there’s a strong indication of bad natured people coming into the picture.
June 12, 2017, Sun 21° Gemini, Moon 22° Capricorn, for many this is the date that will determine if what they’ve worked hard to achieve becomes their reality. It’s a date laden with fragility, the scale can tip in either direction, and how well we previously handled the strong Cancer 14° in house 10, the house of vocations, will show its results now. This day can also bring a confusing vibration with it, causing some to place their wants before theirs and other’s needs, thus be ready for someone to ”drop the ball.”
 through this Gemini Moon towards blessings (ire)
1. Eboleri, or rogations for clarity of thought and level-headedness.
2. Receive a personal reading.
3. Check in with the oracle before June 12th regarding any work you’d like to accomplish. Find out if anything, what can be done to maximize your success.
4. Good moon time to focus on resolving legal issues, and to attend to any outstanding legal matters, including completing paperwork.
5. Before striking out on a new path, determine if it is a relevant move.
6. Meditation can bring powerful visions and clarity now. Moon will be in Gemini May 25-26 and part of May 27th.
7. Be mindful what you are thinking and saying, we can manifest much by way of mental and audible energy (thoughts and words of power).
8. Bring emotions under control. Be careful of behaviors of reckless abandonment.
9. When satisfying the wishes of others do so from a position of stern authority aka don’t get suckered.
10. Avoid giving into emotional fear, avoid looking for comfort, and love in the wrong places.
11. Honor your skills, and follow your Ori.
Have a mentally clear, creative, and productive New Moon!

May Full Moon ~ Astrorisa Moon Forecaster

Written by Iya Olusoga – Bisi Ade
May 10, 2017
Scorpio Full Moon 20° in House 1
Sun in Taurus 20° in House 7
5:42 PM EDT
Planetary Energies
 Moon (Osupa / Yemoja),Sun (Orun / Orunmila, Olofi), Mercury (Esu-Elegbara), Mars (Ogun), Saturn (Obaluaiye), Pluto (Oya) and Venus (Oshun).
Themes: Perseverance, harmony, the law, medical attention, grief, happiness, return vs loss, finances, opportunity, caution, initiative vs lacking initiative, delays vs. movement, and confrontation vs. peace.
 Welcome to the Sun in Taurus, archetype of Oshun and Full Moon in Scorpio, the archetype of Oya moon time.  Sun in Taurus, house 7 the house of friends, enemies, frienemies, close associates, contracts, the law, lovers, and personal experiences. Meets Moon in Scorpio, house 1 sharing space with Libra also in house 1. House 1, the house of determination, personal desires and interests, the physical body and its vitality, and personal enterprises. These houses and the messages of this moon forecast would remain active for the next 29 days: May 10th – June 8th

What a powerful moon time and its influence upon our collective consciousness. During these next 29 days, our collective consciousness will guide us towards expressing an overly abundance of giving or receiving of goodness from the heart as well as an overly abundance of taking or receiving heartache or loss, this of course depends on which side of the spectrum we fall…Moon in Scorpio, archetype of Oya settles in house 1, and aforementioned shares this house with AC Libra also archetype of Oshun. These two characters residing in house 1 strongly impacts one’s stubborn, determined nature, and influences one’s interests in creative and sexual pleasures. Some people may want to go out on the town and enjoy themselves a bit during this lunar season. Others may want to participate in other forms of creative enjoyment, but whatever we’re drawn to, the 1st house does indicate what comes to us, as well as what we are attracted to.
Have a successful, self promoting, self encouraging, safe and insightful full moon time!

Astrorisa – Mini Libra Full Moon 4-11-17

Written by Iya Olusoga – Bisi Ade
April 11, 2017
Libra Full Moon 21° in House 9
Aries Sun 21° in House 3
2:08 AM EDT

Themes: Self-empowerment, bullish, control, taking advice, unexpected new events, change and transformation, opportunity for growth, higher law, higher learning, communication, cleansing, harmony, hostilities, corruption, and boundaries.
We’re now experiencing an Aries Sun / Libra Moon time. Is all fair in love and war? We’ll definitely find out; because we’re looking into the fairness of ours and other’s actions during the next 29 days…We’re not going to move away from the influences of Oshun for a good moment.
Welcome to the Libra-Oshun Full Moon of April, ruler of house 7 and archetype of Orisa Oshun and planet Venus. This Libra Full Moon resides in house 9, the house of higher law, and learning. This moon will alert our collective consciousness to express a need for personal, spiritual, and emotional clearing and cleansing, and to bring into existence both balance and harmony… This moon time will release more of our stored up hostilities… If we are mindful of the duality in nature of this Libra moon, both disruptive, and harmonizing we can decide how best we would like to work with these lunar vibrations…
This is our time to set boundaries and to honor the laws that govern those boundaries. This is that moon time which requires us to re-affirm our personal or group’s authority, to regain confidence, and self-worth.
Complete Forecast Available Here

Have an Inspirational, Unifying, War Zone Free, Libra Moon Time!

Venus Я in Pisces squaring Saturn Я Apr.-Aug. 2017

Written by Iya Olusoga – Bisi Ade

For The Astrorisa Moon Forecaster


Obaluaiye’s planet, Saturn will officially go retrograde April 6, 2017 at 27° in the sign of Sagittarius in house 1. Saturn will later station direct on August 25, 2017 at 21° Sagittarius.

Saturn is the “Lord of Karma” and Obaluaiye, offers the experience of ‘’ we reap what we sow.” The Ancestors/ Egungun identified the overall theme of 2017 as “The Year of the Reckoning.” This is telling, because it means that the dirty, dastardly, deeds which we’ve gotten away with for many years, catches up with us during the ‘Year of the Reckoning.’

The last decade Saturn went retrograde in Sagittarius was Thursday, March 7 1985, 08:04 AM ET; 1 month (+) 1 day (-), and 32 years ago.

Saturn retrograde governs our experiences surrounding maturity, health, self-discipline, responsibility, our fears, loneliness, and anxieties. Saturn retrograde creates a type ‘forced’ isolation. We are ‘forced’ to re-address aspects and elements about our core being which has been a hindrance to our development and growth. This is when we’re thrown into the ‘lion’s den’ so it may feel or seem. We are exposed to the elements of chaos, we face redemption, or ridicule. We come face to face with our own fears and realizations of internal truths, and then we work hard to climb out of the pit. Through the act of ‘climbing out’ of our pits, we develop the psychological and emotional muscle to endure, then to sprint, moving forward in a new direction

Currently Venus Я in Pisces squares Saturn Я. What we’ve previously enjoyed, felt comfortable doing, or admired either becomes exposed, becomes lost, or experiences a sour note. Whatever Venus ruled in our lives; if we were undisciplined in its specific area Saturn, will assist us to gain sight of it, and then judge it.

During this Venus Я in Pisces squaring Saturn Я transit

Be mindful if you feel depressed, or unworthy. These are suppressed emotions which require your attention, and or release.

Think back to 1985 through 1988 when Saturn was in Sagittarius.

What did you lose then gain?

What did you experience which offered a clear lesson?

Did you master the knowledge of that lesson or is it up for a repeat?

Astrorisa ~ Peek into the Aries New Moon Forecast

Written by Iya Olusoga ~ Bisi Ade
For Astrorisa Moon Forecaster
March 27, 2017
Aries New Moon 7° in House 5
Aries Sun 7° in House 5
10:57 PM EST

Welcome to the Aries new moon, the official 1st moon of Spring! We’re still operating under the influences of the March 12th Virgo full moon whose lunar vibrations diminish April 10th, the day before the full moon. The Aries full moon’s vibrations and forecast messages lasts from March 27th – April 24th
Themes: New cycles, cycles ending, disruption, death of illusions, a need to salvage, count your blessings, stability, calmness after a storm, finances, position of power, and the grading of your performance.
Sun and Moon in Aries 7° brings out an outlandish and explosive character which wants to do and say what it wants. Don’t give it a platform and mic because you have no idea what will come out of its “mouth.” This outlandish, uncensored degree can create alienation or arguments…The Aries 7° will tell you uncomfortable truths in an uncomfortable way, this is the character of the archetype of Ogun for this moon time.
Have a self loving, danger free, clear sighted, and happy New Moon Time.

Astrorisa Moon Blast – Excerpts of the Leo Full Moon February 10, 2017

February 10, 2017
Leo Full Moon 22° at 7:33 PM EST
in House 12
Aquarius Sun 22°, in House 6

Planetary & Cosmic Energies
 Moon (Osupa / Yemoja), Sun (Orun / Orunmila), Mercury (Esu-Elegbara), Uranus (Sango), Neptune (Olokun),  Pluto (Oya), and Venus (Oshun).
Forecast runs from Feb.10th – Mar.11th 2017
Leo Full Moon 22° the archetype of Orunmila and Sango
A Leo moon always brings an experience that can be seen as transformative, and in this case this moon time is both transformative and life changing. This Leo moon arrives as a lunar eclipse, opening and closing cosmic portals, bringing the ending of cycles which will soon usher in new beginnings. Thus, for so many, what once was will not be again after this moon time.
This Leo moon centers around family and government issues which may experience unexpected situations… Leo enjoys justice, is concerned about its family, and enjoys all things which are pleasurable…And for our collective consciousness, this moon time offers experiences which tests or guides our free will towards decisions which will impact our destinies…However, because of these cosmic nudges regarding our destiny, some people will ponder now, where they should be going in life? Or they’ll decide to change their life style, or again will be overly concerned with their financial situation, where will their lack of finances take them? All these scenarios fall under these cosmic and lunar vibrations, influencing the changing of cycles.
Have a safe, law abiding, and fun filled full moon time.
Written by Iya Olusoga ~ Bisi Ade
For Astrorisa Moon Forecaster
February 7, 2017

Source: Astrorisa Moon Blast – Excerpts of the Leo Full Moon 2-10-17 – – Gmail

Astrorisa Moon Blast – Jan.Aquarius New Moon 2017

January 27, 2017
Aquarius New Moon 8° at 7:07 PM EST 
in House 6
Aquarius Sun 8°, in House 6

Planetary Energies
  Moon (Osupa / Yemoja), Sun (Orun), Mercury (Esu-Elegbara), Mars (Ogun), Jupiter (Obatala), Saturn (Obaluaiye), Uranus (Sango).
Aquarius 8°  the archetype of Kabieysi Sango
New Moon Themes:
Leadership, a command of one’s words, self-protection, open invitations, agreements, disagreements, self-defense, and intrigue.
Aquarius, the archetype of Uranus is visited by both the sun and the moon on Jan.27th. The planet Uranus is strongly aspected during this lunar time. Aquarius in the 6th house is unconventional in his diet regime, jumping on new healing or health fads. Or discovering new approaches towards finding a remedy for anything, from health to social injustices. Even the creation of strange out of this world laws.
Uranus Aspects
Jupiter opposite Uranus
Saturn trine Uranus
Uranus square Pluto
Mercury square Uranus
Moon quintile Uranus
Sun quintile Uranus

Another powerful new moon occurring for January 27th through February 24, 2017, let’s welcome this Aquarius new moon as it arrives with a Bang! I’ve always said, “be alert during any Aquarian moon time as it’s power to bring justice and revelations is unequivocal.” Now we’re experiencing both sun and moon in Aquarius, the archetype of Sango at 8° lending to its power and authority, this is a “Justice Moon” and who would not want to be on the correct side of Ose Sango (Sango’s double edged ax)?
A “Justice Moon” cuts away at the pillars of any falsehood, it will expose and punish, as well as offer healing, and justice. We will see this and other current lunar themes play themselves out throughout the next 28 days. This moon time can spark the encouragement of entrepreneurship, and the championing of some outlandish adventure. It’s an action oriented moon time that can give fire and devotion not only to one’s personal causes but to group causes. These causes can be as minuscule as feeling dedicated to beginning or maintaining a work out regiment or can be as grand as joining, funding or creating an activism for humanitarian rights.
This is that moon time which influences our collective consciousness to develop or manage high standards and morals, because its the right thing to do, as suppose to doing it because one feels like it. This moon time brings the message of a “Sense of Duty,” and it awakens situations surrounding partnerships, business connections, and marriages. The moon semi-squares Venus, Oshun’s planet. This transit definitely encourages the tightening up of any loose ends which previously floated around. What we got away with before, in the aforementioned  institutional areas, won’t continue, at least for now. Also with this transit, any marriage, or business partnership  that is not up to par, will likely be thoroughly investigated, an the use of every available means will likely be requested.
Though anxiety and combative energies surround us at this time, the higher octave of Aquarian vibrations brings people of all walks of life and backgrounds to gather in solidarity, for the upliftment of humanity, and that was self evident during the Women’s March on January 21, when the sun was in Aquarius. An energy field was created by that event which shifted some of the intense, angry, and combative vibrations which were current at the time. We can harness that divine humanitarian love-energy and work with it this month by way of mediation, prayers, lightening candles, and or sharing our good inner light with others.
We may even experience this Aquarian Universal love, through situations of inspiration. This is because this moon time also carries a tone of “Inspiration.” Look within yourself and around yourself. Are more people feeling inspired to step out of their comfort zone?Are there more acts of inspirational support and  encouragement  towards the creation or completion of something occurring? This moon time at its highest octave encourages “Group greatness.”
During this moon time (28 day cycle)
During this moon time, at its lowest octave, cunningness lurks in the air. Aquarian moons activate humanitarian love,  personal greed, and comradery amongst groups. Be mindful of deceptive behaviors and self-deception, instead balance thought and logic.
Example: You left something at the house, and decide to return home to get it, but you’re in a rush.  You quickly dash upstairs forgetting to close the front door, then for whatever reason, you get distracted, and stay upstairs longer than planned. At this point you’ve left yourself vulnerable, and lost focus.
During this moon time some people may need to be extra attentive to what they say or do, so to avoid legal problems. Resolve the issue quickly if you can.
During this moon time  some people will experience confrontations and combativeness that is likely created through gossip.
During this moon time involving oneself in another person’s personal affairs or sharing their business is not good, it can lead to confrontations or violence.
During this moon time keep trying to get your projects, plans, and work off the ground, as our determination is likely to be tested.
During this moon time, some people’s business will get exposed. Protect yourself interests, keep your personal business personal, and secure what needs to be secured.
Moon Semi-square Saturn (Obaluaiye’s planet).
This transit can bring up challenges triggered by our thoughts of the past. There could be father-mother complexes surfacing which need attention. Even our focus and concentration can become weak. We could find ourselves day dreaming more. But with the semi square, we maybe more aware of our personal challenges than before. And this transit though challenging can offer us  a stronger chance to work through them.
Maneuvering Through this Aquarius Moon towards blessings (ire)
1. Receiving a personal readings is helpful.
2. Receiving rogation, eboleri, ibori is helpful, to open awareness and insight.
3. Listen to your instincts.
4. Good time to do new moon meditations to enhance or encourage perseverance of spirit and to lessen or eliminate emotional fatigue.
5. Encourage the higher octave of Aquarius in you. Be the leader and voice you wanted to have in your life.
6. Lock, secure property, avoid gossip, avoid crowds, avoid contracts without thorough investigation. Avoid fights, avoid destructive personality types.
7. Good moon time to avoid depressive thoughts, again, use meditation.
8. Good moon time to build positive relationships 1st with Self, and with others. Create the protective, safe space needed to make decisions. Then set the tone for how you want the rest of your year to look like.
9. New Moon Exercise: Use this moon time to begin the process of building and fortifying  (fill in the blank) ____________________ Then place a rose quartz in one fist and an amethyst stone in the other fist. Speak your desire as a mantra.
Have a Universally Loved, and Self Honoring New Moon Time!
Written by Iya Olusoga ~ Bisi Ade
For Astrorisa Moon Forecaster
January 24, 2017

Source: Astrorisa Moon Blast – Jan.Aquarius New Moon 2017